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For over 15 years Pfizer Animal Health’s Strongid® C (pyrantel tartrate) has provided horses with proven, safe and effective daily protection against parasites and the threat of subclinical parasitism. Now, a redesigned label on the 25-lb. bucket commands new attention for this long-trusted product.

Bold graphics and stunning photography have been used to create a clean, modern look for Strongid C. The new label is simple for consumers to read, while making it even easier for them to locate Strongid buckets on store shelves.

“The deworming technology offered by Strongid C is just as revolutionary for the health of horses today as it was when the product was introduced in 1990,” said Kristin Ruff, Equine Product Manager at Pfizer Animal Health. “The new label makes the outside of the package look just as advanced as the dewormer that’s inside.”

Strongid has always stood out among deworming products because it offers owners the opportunity to protect their horses against parasite damage every day -- preventing the very real danger of subclinical parasitism.

Traditional paste dewormers are most often given once every two months. Unfortunately, these products only remain in the horse’s system for a few days. Once they are gone, the horse can become reinfected with parasites. Their larvae could have weeks to migrate through delicate tissues before they are removed with the next administration of a purge dewormer.

The damage caused by this migration is known as subclinical parasitism. It’s harder to see than clinical parasitism -- whose signs include a dull coat, potbelly and parasites in the manure -- but it can be even more problematic for a horse’s overall health and well being.

For instance, migrating roundworm larvae damage the liver and also burrow their way through essential tissues of the lung. Unfortunately, lung tissue heals by scarring, which means that once the damage has been done, it’s permanent. The affected horse will have less working lung tissue for the rest of its life. Large strongyle larvae migrate through the cranial mesenteric artery, which supplies blood to the intestines. Their presence can cause severe colic and even death.

Strongid C’s daily approach is effective against the subclinical threat because it kills parasites before they migrate, before they have a chance to damage vital tissues and organs. The product is available in a 25-lb. bucket. A double-strength formula, known as Strongid® C 2X(TM), is also offered in a 50-lb. bag and a 10-lb. bucket.

For more information on Pfizer Animal Health’s complete line of equine dewormers, as well as in-depth presentations on parasite life cycles and subclinical parasitism, request a copy of Pfizer’s interactive CD-ROM, The Parasite Puzzle … Another Piece. Send an email with your name and address to

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