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Equestrian Royalty Ties the Knot; Gives Mikmar the Boot

Horse Tack - Horse Boots

It was a fairytale to make any society column envious, the marriage of the equestrian worlds’ most glamorous couple, Brazilian equestrian and two-time Olympian Alvaro “Doda” Afonso de Miranda and multi-billion dollar heiress Athena Onassis in a lavish ceremony. Brought together by a mutual passion for horses and showjumping, the couple met while at a riding center in Belgium.

Mikmar Bit Company shares their passion for horses, and is proud to introduce their own exclusive partnership with Doda: an exclusive North American distributorship of his amazing invention, the Doda Hind Boot, which helps horses jump more effectively.

Already in use by Olympic riders worldwide, the high quality durable leather shell construction provides unequaled protection for the horses’ ankle on the outside, while the design and placement of the boot actually encourages higher jumps through gentle acupressure, typically adding several inches to the “snap” of the hind leg over fences. All this while actually being lighter and smaller than many other familiar designs.

“It just doesn’t make any sense to use a weighted, bulky hind boot and expect your horse to use his hind end more effectively”, points out Doda, who obviously knows horses and understands the needs of riders as well, coming as he does from years of training and competing at the highest levels.

“Our strength lies in diversity,” says Dan Weyand, president of Mikmar Bit Company. “We have the good fortune to be exposed to many diverse cultures and rider points of view the world over. Though we’re mainly known for our unique line of bits, when we discovered Doda’s boot concept we knew we had something fresh and innovative, and completely in line with our design philosophy of helping riders achieve maximum athleticism through harmonious means.” Weyand concluded, “When we saw it working so well with the European market we knew we had to get it into the hands of North American riders right away.”

Doda Hind Boots are available at over 250 premium English tack stores throughout the United States and Canada, wherever Mikmar Bits are sold.

About Mikmar
The Mikmar Company LLC. is a leading manufacturer of innovative bits for all disciplines of the equestrian world. Featuring patented designs to aid in better communication between horse and rider. Mikmar is the pioneer of dispersed pressure horse bits using unique metal compositions favorable to the horse. Recently, Mikmar added exclusive distributorships of the Tixerant girth and Doda hind jumping boots, products that fit its corporate philosophy of aiding horse and rider in achieving true athletic harmony. Mikmar products are sold in a network of retail outlets throughout the world. For more information about Mikmar products or for the Mikmar retailer nearest you, contact Mikmar at 818-446-0063 or visit