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Equine Scents

Horse Tack - Gifts for Horse Lovers

The Equine Scents™ collection of lotions, creams and liquid soaps from Plum Shade Farm are exclusively designed for equestrians with unique equine fragrances and packaging. Equine Scents™ body lotions and hand creams condition and moisturize, yet do not leave a greasy feeling. Equine Scents™ liquid soaps help reduce dryness.

Equine Scents™ hand creams are very rich, thick creams enhanced with nourishing and soothing Shea Butter which softens, calms, and moisturizes dry and sensitive skin.

Equine Scents™ body lotions are enhanced with Aloe Vera and Chamomile. These non-greasy and fast-absorbing lotions nourish, moisturize, and soften your skin. Good for use all over your body.

Equine Scents™ liquid soaps are mild cleansing soaps that reduce dryness and use a naturally derived and biodegradeable surfactant (palm, and coconut oils).

Lotions, creams and soaps come in three unique equine scents:

Soft Leather - Ahh... the unmistakable smell of a new saddle, slightly softened to a wonderful earthy scent.

Cool Water - Crisp, clean, a sparkling stream where you and your horse stop to take a long drink on a perfect ride.

Summer Ride - The smell of Honeysuckle and wild flowers as you gallop your horse through flower filled fields on a bright summer day.

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