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EquiSpirit Horse Trailers

EquiSpirit Trailers’, Tom and Neva Scheve, the industry pioneers who “wrote the book” on safety and comfort from the horse’s point of view, take the lead once again by presenting their latest innovative model, the Three Horse Safe-Load™. Created specifically for larger horses, this is a trailer that has been a long time in coming – filling the size-void between the two horse straight-load and the four horse head-to-head center- load.*

The result of five years of research and testing to perfect interior and exterior structures and safety features, the Equispirit Three Horse Safe-Load™ is the breakthrough answer to traveling with horses 17H to 18+. “Finally, horse owners have the option to haul three large horses safely and comfortably without having to jump to a four horse trailer,” cites Tom Scheve. “And, it readily converts to an easy-to-pull two horse with lots of extra cargo space. We believe the Three Horse Safe-Load™ is a win-win situation all around.”

Whereas a four horse head-to-head center load measures 36 ½ feet in total length, the EquiSpirit Three Horse Safe-Load™ measures only 28 ½ feet – a good six feet shorter. The spacious 52 ½” wide front stall will easily accommodate a horse up to 17 hands while the rear stalls are able to carry horses upwards of 18+H with plenty of head room.

“The idea was to replace the cramped, safety-flawed three horse slant load with a roomy, easy access trailer where all horses could be safely unloaded independently of each other,” says Neva Scheve. The low angle (not steep) back ramp provides individual stress-free loading and unloading for the back stalls, or you can unload all horses out the front. Plus, optional removable stall doors will easily convert the third stall into a large box stall, or can be used for additional storage.

Constructed with the latest technologies in steel, fiberglass, and aluminum skin, all ramps, doors, and dividers have undergone rigorous strength tests to ensure durability for extra protection as you and your horses travel on today’s crowded roads. And, with a standard 29 square foot dressing room, (you can add optional length) the Three Horse Safe-Load™ doesn’t sacrifice needed space for your tack.

It has been Tom and Neva’s enduring concern for the welfare of horses that has prompted this most recent tour de force, as Tom explains. “The safety and well-being of horses is the fundamental principle behind everything we do, and was the motivation that inspired all our trailer designs over the past twenty-two years. EquiSpirit Trailers is the culmination of our pledge to improving trailer travel that reflects the nature and “spirit” of the horse. As with all our trailers, the Three Horse Safe-Load™ aims to provide the safest, most comfortable experience possible – for owners too.”

Authors of several books including, Equine Emergencies on the Road, Tom and Neva’s latest, The Complete Guide to Buying, Maintaining, and Servicing a Horse Trailer, has become the “go to” resource in the industry.

*The Three Horse Safe-Load™ will soon be available for average sized horses.

For more information about the Three Horse Safe-Load™, visit EquiSpirit Trailers: or call toll free: 877.575.1771 or email: