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Horse Tack - Fly Control

Solitude IGR™ is a safe, effective and easy to use fly preventative that can help to reduce house and stable fly populations this spring and summer. Containing no potentially harmful organophosphates, Solitude IGR utilizes scientifically advanced technology to break the fly life cycle and stop infestations before they start.

Two of the most common types of flies found near equine facilities, house and stable flies, become active and breed in large numbers once temperatures remain above 50°F. Solitude IGR is up to 100% effective against these pests—which have been implicated in the spread of more than sixty diseases. To achieve these results, owners need only top dress their horses’ feed with one-half ounce of Solitude IGR daily. Significant results may be observed in just two weeks, with the full effects realized in four to six weeks as the adult flies die off. Many studies have shown that Solitude IGR is safe for both horses and the environment.

“Solitude IGR is a product that owners can use with a great deal of confidence in its safety and efficacy,” said Jay Donecker, VMD, Senior Veterinarian at Pfizer Animal Health. “Solitude IGR has been proven to help significantly reduce the number of flies that plague horses without creating toxicity issues for humans, horses, other animals, plants or water supplies.”

“IGR” stands for insect growth regulator—which is the very basic explanation for how Solitude IGR works. Cyromazine, the product’s principal active ingredient, interferes with the production of chitin in house and stable flies. Chitin is a compound that makes up the exoskeleton—the hard outer shell—of many insects.

Top-dressed onto a horse’s feed daily, Solitude IGR passes safely through the horse’s digestive system into manure. House and stable flies lay their eggs in the manure, thus bringing the eggs in contact with Solitude IGR. Once the eggs hatch into larvae, Solitude IGR inhibits the production of chitin in the larvae. Unable to properly form a protective outer shell as it grows, the immature stage of the fly dies without ever reaching adulthood.

Because Solitude IGR targets systems unique to insects, it has a high degree of safety for mammals such as humans and horses. The active ingredient in Solitude IGR has been studied extensively in mammals for 20 years. Solitude IGR will not contaminate pastures, plants or water supplies, and is safe for horses of all ages.

Solitude IGR is an integral part of an overall pest management program that includes basic barn hygiene—regularly mucking out stalls and properly removing manure. Some use of fly repellents or bait systems may still be necessary to control flies that migrate from other, untreated areas.

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