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Horse Tack - Horse Boots

The President of Cavallo, Carole Herder, welcomes to the Cavallo Team the founding CEO and former Chairman of Old Mac’s, Mr. Greg Giles, to launch the next generation of hoof boots. Their new SIMPLE boot marks the height of innovation with a high performance out sole, a simple front closure and built–in sole relief. “We wanted the ultimate genuine alternative to metal shoes, while getting away from some of the complexities of over-engineered gadgets; hence the Simple Boot,” states Giles. The Cavallo team listened to and learned from many barefoot advocates and critics around the world to develop its simple solution.

Market research shows that 31%of horse owners are unable to shoe with conventional metal due to various hoof conditions. 27%support the principle of allowing their horses the benefits of being naturally barefoot. “This percentage will increase exponentially over the next 5 years, as alternatives to constant shoeing are improved, refined and made more affordable”, predicts Herder, worldwide distributor of horse boots and acclaimed barefoot advocate. “Our SIMPLE boot is the culmination of 6 years experience in the barefoot horse industry and 30+ years expertise in manufacturing footwear. I am certain that with our current state of the art standards of production and our extensive research on proper hoof function, the SIMPLE boot offers the best in booting horses today.”

Cavallo ’s All-Terrain SIMPLE boot is simple to size, simple to fit and easy on the wallet – under $100 per pair. The attractive hoof wear has a genuine leather upper and a solid TPU sole that is durable, practical and shaped for the natural hoof. This patent-pending boot is the first to offer built-in sole relief to ensure comfort and support where it counts.

Available in six adjustable sizes covering the range from Warmbloods to Colts.

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