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New Product Reduces Herpesvirus Clinical Signs

Pfizer Animal Health

Pfizer Animal Health on Feb. 8 announced the release of Zylexis, which according to the company's research prepares the horse's immune system to function more efficiently against equine herpesvirus (EHV) types-1 and -4 pathogens. The immunomodulator is offered specifically as an aid in reducing upper respiratory disease caused by these viruses.

Zylexis is created with an inactive (killed) preparation of Parapox Ovis virus. Zylexis has been used for eight years by equine practitioners in Germany, where it was proven safe and effective, according to the company.

While an immunomodulator can't prevent a horse from contracting a disease such as EHV, it is designed to help reduce the severity of upper respiratory signs the horse will suffer after it is exposed.

"It won't stop EHV-1 or -4, but our study shows that it can limit the severity and duration of symptoms," said Robert Holland, DVM, PhD, senior veterinarian at Pfizer Animal Health. This product provides practitioners with a valuable tool to help horses deal with EHV types-1 and -4 pathogens they might encounter in show and stable environments."

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