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Mikmar Bit Company

During its annual convention in January, the United States Equestrian Federation, the governing body for the United States Dressage Federation, officially approved Mikmar Bit Company’s patent-pending Cupreon Ergöm Lozenge Mouthpiece for use in dressage competition.

The Ergöm Lozenge features a grooved center link ideal in size and shape for both effectiveness and comfort. The innovative shape of the mouthpiece eliminates undesirable nutcracker action, palate interference and pinching, all common problems with most snaffles, even double-jointed ones. Plus, the Ergöm Lozenge softens excessive pressure to the outside of the mouth by providing a more consistent feel over the tongue.

The Ergöm Lozenge is made of Cupreon, a superior Copper alloy that’s non-toxic and Nickel-free, and designed specifically for horses. This highly palatable alloy promotes salivation and mouthing of the bit, resulting in a horse that is more responsive, while still being relaxed and focused. In an independent laboratory test the Mikmar-exclusive Cupreon was also found to offer higher tensile strength than other patented copper alloy bits.

“We are very pleased,” says Dan Weyand, president of Mikmar Bit Company, “not just for the company, but for everyone who has already fallen in love with this bit. The USEF/USDF has very strict guidelines on shape and linkages for mouthpieces used in dressage competition, sometimes more strict than the FEI in Europe. So we were very pleased when Gil Merrick, Managing Director for Dressage, contacted us with the news that our newest bit had been approved.”

The Ergöm Lozenge Mouthpiece is available in five cheek pieces for 2006, including Loose Ring, Loose Ring Eggbutt (shown), Eggbutt, Full Cheek, and D Ring. All are available exclusively through Mikmar authorized dealers.

About Mikmar

The Mikmar Company LLC is a leading manufacturer of innovative bits for all disciplines of the equestrian world. Recognized as the pioneer of dispersed-pressure bits using unique metal compositions favorable to the horse, the company has many patented or patent-pending designs and materials. Recently, Mikmar added exclusive distributorships of the Tixerant Comfort Girth and the Doda Hind Jumping Boot, products that fit its corporate philosophy of aiding horse and rider in achieving true athletic harmony. Mikmar products are sold in a network of retail outlets throughout the world. For more information about Mikmar products or for the Mikmar retailer nearest you, contact Mikmar at 818-446-0063 or visit