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EquiFit, Inc. Brings Products to Europe at BETA International Trade Fair

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EquiFit Inc. offers a complete line of products for riders who are serious about performance. Their range of products include: the revolutionary T-Boot Series™ horse boots, T-Sport Wraps, T-Form saddle pads, and the industry’s only riding posture correction garment, ShouldersBack.

For the first time, EquiFit, Inc. is attending the BETA International Trade Fair in Birmingham, England. The huge event is held at the National Exhibition Centre on February 19-21, 2006, and continues to be the world’s leading equestrian and country clothing Trade Fair. During the show, over 350 exhibitors and 5,000 buyers attend from over 40 countries. They represent the world’s finest equestrian tack stores.

Attending the BETA International is the best way for equestrian companies to reach new and future customers, which is the focus of EquiFit, Inc. After their success in North America over the past few years, the young and vibrant company wants to expand their sales in Europe and introduce their products to the world’s top riders.

“This is the place to be to meet and build relationships with some of the biggest and best tack stores in the world,” said EquiFit, Inc. President Alexandra Cherubini. “EquiFit would like to expand its brand recognition in new countries. In addition to that, we are eager to have the input and advice from riders around the world. We feel that by attending BETA International, we have taken a big step toward attaining our goals.”

Designed by an orthopedic company, the T-Boot Series™ is filled with T-Foam, a revolutionary pressure-relieving viscoelastic material that conforms to the horse’s body, providing maximum support and pressure-point dispersal and eliminating chafing and abrasion. Under body pressure and heat, T-Foam conforms and molds to all contours and bone structures of the horse’s legs and absorbs up to 90 percent of all impact. Because the fit is exact, support and stability are maximized, dirt and debris build-up is minimized, and pressure points are eliminated. When the T-Boots are removed, T-Foam recovers 100 percent of its original shape, ready to provide a perfect custom fit for every horse, every time.

EquiFit has also expanded their T-Boot Series to include two new T-Boots. The T-Boot LUXE™ is made of top quality, water resistant, brown French leather. It is neoprene free and combines a sophisticated look with the technologically advanced T-Foam lining.

It is manufactured by CWD Sellier, who provides the ultimate leather products in equine sports performance. They concentrate on producing the best equipment and join the aesthetic of the best French classicism with modern innovation.

The T-Boot EXP™ has leather-like styling and an extremely durable shell. It also features removable, washable T-Foam liners that can be replaced.

In addition to boots, the T-Foam material is used in the T-Form saddle pads that fit a wide range of saddles and come in a saddle shape or a square shape. Both feature a removable, easy to wash, faux sheepskin cover. They mold to every anatomical detail of the saddle and horse’s back. Using open-cell foam technology, the pad is exceptionally light, breathable, and easy to clean and maintain.

EquiFit, Inc. is dedicated to helping riders improve and become more competitive. They are proud to work with 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward, Olympians Margie Engle and Alison Firestone, as well as grand prix riders Molly Ashe, Michael Morrissey, Joie Gatlin, Callan Solem, Jimmy Torano, and Christine McCrea, Mandy Porter, Olympic Three-Day event rider Darren Chiacchia, and Australian Three-Day event rider Christine Bates.

Although EquiFit, Inc. mostly sponsors grand prix riders, their boots and saddle pads can be used for a wide array of equestrian disciplines including dressage, eventing, endurance, reining, trail riding, and racing.

Cherubini, of Boston, MA, is also an equestrian. “I developed the T-Boot Series™ after years of trying different boots on the market,” said Cherubini. “There really was nothing out there that addressed the full range of issues and conditions that horses encounter in the show ring and in everyday work.” Cherubini competes in the Adult Hunter and Jumper divisions and uses her products on her horses.

For more information, please visit their website at:, call 1-877-4-EQUIFIT, or fax at 781-329-8392.

Photo Credit: The EquiFit, Inc. display booth at BETA International Trade Fair in Birmingham, England. Photo courtesy of EquiFit, Inc.