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COWBOY MAGIC® Announces New Horse Care Series for Publication

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The COWBOY MAGIC ® Company, manufacturer of the popular line of COWBOY MAGIC® quality concentrated products for horses and their owners, announces the launch of a series of articles for editors and publishers of equine-related magazines and web sites. Each article in the series will focus on a particular grooming-related topic, offering the horse owner valuable information, advice and tips for providing their horses with the best care possible. Editors can publish the articles for free, and each is accompanied by a selection of high-quality, high-resolution color images. It’s a win-win situation: Horse owners get the kind of advice they are looking for, and editors get expertly written articles and professional-quality photographs at no charge.

The first article in the series, titled “Detangle Those Dreadlocks,” offers step-by-step instructions for removing even the most stubborn knots in a horse’s mane and tail. The article shows horse owners how to turn a tangled mane into a terrific one without cutting or breaking a single strand of hair. The series of images that accompanies the article depicts each step in the process.

COWBOY MAGIC® was founded by Jim Cummings in 1995, and its products are currently available in 4,500 retail locations worldwide. “Each time I bought a new horse, my wife would remind me that I was over-spending,” says Cummings. “So I decided to reformulate the very best and most expensive human hair care detangler for equine use. I marketed it to horse owners as an affordable product that they could use on both their horses and their own hair. It was a huge success, and I was able to balance my horse budget and make peace with my wife.”

The COWBOY MAGIC® line of quality concentrated grooming products, which can be used on both horses and humans, includes ROSEWATER SHAMPOO, DEMINERALIZER CONDITIONER, DETANGLER™ & SHINE, BODYSHINE™, GREENSPOT® REMOVER and SHINE IN YELLOWOUT™. Additional products include DRY SKIN LOTION for hardworking hands and Medicated KRUDBUSTER™ and Medicated RAINROT™ SHAMPOO for horses.

“All Cowboy Magic products, with the exception of KRUDBUSTER™ and RAINROT™ SHAMPOO, are manufactured under FDA cosmetic guidelines,” says Cummings, Chairman and CEO of COWBOY MAGIC®. “As a result, all ingredients are listed on the label, product quality control standards are regulated and manufacturing standards are higher than those required for products manufactured for animal use only. Although it costs more to manufacture and market COWBOY MAGIC® products under these high standards, it ensures that our customers are getting what they expect from the product they are paying for. And because our products are concentrated, they work better, last longer and cost less.”

Medicated KRUDBUSTER™ and Medicated RAINROT™ SHAMPOO are both classified as over-the-counter-drugs and are manufactured and labeled according to FDA OTC guidelines. “Quality standards for these two products are even higher,” says Cummings. “Years of active-ingredient testing are required to validate product effectiveness. Label statements are regulated to ensure that no misleading statements are made, all ingredients are listed on the label and active ingredients are listed separately, declaring both the percentage of active ingredient used and what effect it has.”

For more information about the new COWBOY MAGIC® Horse Care Series and COWBOY MAGIC® products, contact Kelly Pooley at (800) 755-6844 or Visit the COWBOY MAGIC® website at