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The Mailer Bridging Rein

Horse Tack - English Riding Supply

English Riding Supply is proud to bring you a new and innovative product! The Mailer Bridging Rein! No more loopy reins. Amazing results from a simple idea. The bridging rein is so simple, yet has made a vast and immediate improvement to every rider who has used it, from novice through to international competitors.

The reins look as ordinary as conventional reins, but have four pairs of very discreet scalloped leather grips at carefully positioned intervals. An adjustable bridging strap may then be fastened through the inside of the grips and across from rein to rein. This bridge will encourage the rider to stay in control without unnaturally restricting the horse.

4-Star Bridging Rein with rubber pimple grip reins in Black or Brown. 5/8 pony or horse. SRP $49.95

5-Star Bridging Rein with rubberized non-slip reins in Black or Brown. 5/8 pony or horse. SRP $49.95