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No Sweat Sport’s Hat & Helmet Refresher

English Riding Supply

No Sweat Sport Hat & Helmet Refresher is a unique new product that aids in the elimination of bacteria that may lurk in helmets. Riders, and other activists whose sports require frequent use of protective headgear, are often plagued by such bacteria, which is known to cause acne blemishes or even breakouts with repeated contact.

Bacterial breeding grounds within helmets have only increased as a result of the more stringent requirements for ASTM approval of such headgear. Approved helmets trap more heat and moisture, therefore leading to exponential bacterial growth when left untreated and unmanaged. Daily use of No Sweat Sport Hat & Helmet Refresher’s unique formula will attack the bacteria and oils responsible for contact-related breakouts. It is a complex mixture of natural minerals, botanicals and organics, all of which are hypo-allergenic, doctor-approved for skin and eyes, and harmless to equipment. There are no dyes, fragrances or alcohol to cause skin or eye irritation or material deterioration.

The new USEF helmet ruling requires all riders at USEF governed events to wear ASTM approved helmets while mounted. An excellent ruling that is imperative to the safety of equestrians, it has caused an explosion of consumer interest in a safe, gentle and effective product to control helmet odor and grime. Without the chemicals found in traditional deodorizers and cleaners, No Sweat Sport Hat & Helmet Refresher is the perfect alternative: safe enough to use directly on your face as an astringent, yet strong enough to effectively manage odor, grime and bacteria.

Sport Hat & Helmet Refresher Spray

A complex mixture of natural minerals, botanicals and organics created to refresh, clean and deodorize your helmet. This all-natural product is an effective all-purpose anti-bacterial spray. It is so safe that you can spray it directly on your face as an astringent to remove dirt and grime.

Sold in cases of 30
464738... $375.00/case
(SRP $12.50/bottle)

Sold in cases of 15
464848... $187.50/case
(SRP $12.50/bottle)