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Horse Tack - Fly Spray

Equilite Inc., creator of the award-winning Sore-No-More™ arnica based herbal liniment, manufacturer of botanical animal supplements, and other all natural topical products, has released Ricochet Horse Spray™, a revolutionary new product that is already drawing rave reviews. Designed to help horses be more comfortable, the all-natural Ricochet Horse Spray™ provides a pleasant and refreshing citrus scent, a welcoming fragrance for any stable. This unique essential oil blend is quickly becoming a necessity for all stables during fly and mosquito season.

“Throughout the season, our horses are continually annoyed by biting insects,” said Stacey P. Small, President and CEO of Equilite, Inc. “Traditional fly sprays aren’t always in our best interest. Many contain harsh chemicals and pesticides, and have an unpleasant odor that signifies that they are made of items that may be harmful to the body and compromising to both the animal and owners’ immune systems. Ricochet Horse Spray™ offers relief without the risks.”

Made from a unique blend of essential oils, Ricochet Horse Spray™ can be used anywhere on the horse’s body. For additional protection, it can be applied to blankets, sheets, wraps, and saddle pads as a buffer to keep your horses free from irritation. Among Ricochet’s unique and powerful blend of oils are Neem, Lemon Grass, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. These essential oils are non-toxic and are not a danger to you or your horse, making Ricochet Horse Spray™ a natural fit for pregnant or nursing women. The pleasant citrus scented oils are also a refreshing change from the chemical-based products that are often unusable to those with environmental allergies.

Ricochet Horse Spray™ is ideal for barn managers, trainers and riders looking for a pleasant smelling, animal and human safe, and environmentally friendly product for bug season. Utilizing nature’s best ingredients, Ricochet Horse Spray™ offers comfort to horses, and peace of mind for their owners.

Ricochet Horse Spray™ is available in a 32oz. spray bottle. Suggested retail price is $19.95. Available at fine tack and feed stores nationwide.

For more information on Ricochet Horse Spray™, Sore No More™ and other fine Equilite, Inc. products, visit

About Equilite Inc.
Headquartered in Pottstown, PA, Equilite Inc. is the creator of all-natural botanical products for animals. Equilite is best known for its award-winning Sore-No-More™ Arnica-based herbal liniment line. Equilite’s product line also includes herbal supplements, and the Botanical Animal™ Flower Essence line for both small and large animals. For additional information on Equilite or its products please visit