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Air-Ride Western Show Pad by Professional's Choice

Horse Tack - Western Saddle Pads

The popular Air-Ride Western Show Pad features an interwoven diamond pattern and various colour combinations. Each pad is designed by incorporating a beautiful hand-woven Navajo blanket, soft Merino wool and our exclusive Air-Ride suspension system. The Air-Ride Suspension System is a technological breakthrough in saddle pad design.

Air Ride Western Show Pad

The Air-Ride's multi-cell configuration creates an actual air suspension system. Consisting of over 10,000 small air pockets, it is lighter in weight when compared to traditional pads. These pockets are designed in multiple layers and work synchronously to prevent pressure on the most sensitive areas of the horse's back. It also offers the maximum degree of close contact, making it the ideal pad for all disciplines. The Air-Ride's highly advanced multi-cell design is unique because it conforms dynamically to both the horse and the saddle pad, producing a "lock down" effect for a more comfortable and secure ride. Unlike bladder or gel pads, Air-Ride cells are designed to withstand a significant amount of shock and will not shift pressure to unwanted areas of your horse's back during performance.

Press Release for the entire Air Ride Collection

The new SMx Air Ride saddle pad from Professional's Choice delivers a ride that is unsurpassed in its smoothness for both horse and rider alike. It utilizes the latest technology to produce a pad that is not only shock absorbent and lightweight, but also breathable - one that epitomizes the Professional's Choice motto, "The more comfortable the horse, the better the performance."

Professional's Choice is showcasing the SMx line with a newly designed and eye-catching 100% wool Navajo blanket on the Western Show Pad, which comes in nine new colors. It not only looks great but is extremely durable, while the merino wool lining helps to wick away moisture and the all-natural fibers are comfortable for the horse. However, you can now get any of your favorite Air Ride pads in the new SMx version, including the All-Around and the Charmayne James Signature Barrel Pad.

A new, patented padding material made up of thousands of tiny beads allows air to circulate in every direction resulting in accelerated heat and moisture evaporation, making it highly breathable. Your horse will feel less heat and cool off faster, increasing overall performance.

This revolutionary new padding also has a unique shock absorbing ability. Excess energy from impact is deflected throughout the pad and away from the horse’s back. It actually relieves pressure from the most sensitive area of a horse’s back and distributes the weight of saddle and rider evenly over the entire pad. This prevents pressure points from forming and gives an even, comfortable ride, not only for the horse, but for the rider as well. In fact, in some cases it even makes it more comfortable for the rider’s back.

Of course, Professional's Choice made sure that the SMx Air Ride was rigorously tested under the most strenuous conditions. The results surpassed all expectations. The patented shock-absorbing features also make the pad compression-resistant even under the most demanding use. Durable and extremely long lasting, it may just be the longest lasting saddle pad you'll ever buy!

The results obtained from this pad were so excellent that Professional's Choice has backed it up with a 60-day money back guarantee and a one-year warranty (though we think anybody purchasing the new SMx Air Ride will be so pleased that they’ll have no cause to use them). If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your new pad you can return it to its place of purchase and receive a full refund.