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Continuing on their promise to give horses and riders a competitive and sound edge, EquiFit, Inc. has added new technologically advanced products to their line for riders who are serious about performance.

The brand-new XCEL™ hind boot is quickly becoming the boot of choice for grand prix riders as it promotes superior hind end movement over jumps. Weight-free and offered with replaceable T-Foam liners, this light-weight polyurethane boot provides excellent support and protection.

According to Molly Ashe, a two-time winner of the Budweiser American Invitational and recent T-Boot convert, “The T-Boots gave support without having such a padded, heavy boot on their front legs for competing and jumping. I’ve pretty much replaced all of the horses that I was showing in run-down boots with T-Boots. I’ve had nothing but good results.”

One of the newest and most thrilling products is the T-Sport Wrap™. These foam-lined wraps provide maximum compression and support and are superior to synthetic polo wraps that are on the market today. Breathable T-Sport Wraps™ transfer out heat and keep your horses’ legs cool while at work. The wraps are made of composite materials that combine open-celled, non-latex foam with high-quality fabrics. Through EquiFit, Inc., equestrians now have access to the same cutting edge technology used by athletic trainers, physical therapists, and sports physicians for many years.

Olympian and nine-time American Grand Prix Association Rider of the Year, Margie Engle, said, “EquiFit is really ahead of its time in bringing human resources into the equine industry, which is great. To give horses the same relief and technology is fantastic. I started using T-Boots about a year ago with my grand prix horses, both in the ring and at home. They’re easy to use, lightweight, and they don’t leave any rubs on the horse’s legs. We now use the T-Sport wraps as well. They’re great for keeping the horse’s legs tight, and they’re good for circulation. When we’re done riding, it seems to take all of the inflammation out and the legs are tight as can be.”

Designed by orthopedists, the T-Boot Series™ is filled with T-Foam, a revolutionary pressure-relieving visco-elastic material that conforms to the horse’s body and provides maximum support and pressure-point dispersal and eliminates chafing and abrasion. When the T-Boots are removed, T-Foam recovers 100 percent of its original shape, ready to provide a perfect custom fit for every horse, every time it is worn. Eight models of T-Boots are now offered by EquiFit, Inc. They are all easy-on, durable, and come with either lint-resistant Velcro or attractive leather brass-button closures.

Olympic Gold Medalist and EquiFit, Inc. devotee McLain Ward notes, “This company is built on using the latest technology and has always consulted with top riders, so it continues to evolve. The boots are of the finest quality, and protection-wise, they take the best care of a horse’s legs. We use EquiFit products throughout our stable and at top competitions. It’s the only one for us.”

Upgrades and stylistic variations of the revolutionary original T-Boot Series™ horse boots and T-Form saddle pads, along with new T-Sport™ leg wraps, existing back supports, and the industry’s only riding posture correction garment, ShouldersBack™, round out EquiFit, Inc.’s offerings.

The T-Boot Series™ are quickly becoming the most popular and sought-after horse boots in North America, and they are well on their way for expansion in the European market. This has certainly been inspired by its sponsorship at WEF, the largest and longest-running equestrian event in the world, drawing competitors from over 30 countries, as well as riders’ response of the “Official Horse Boot” of the Horse-Shows-in-the-Sun (HITS) circuits in Indio, CA, Ocala, FL, and Tucson, AZ.

EquiFit, Inc. is dedicated to helping riders like Margie and others improve and become more competitive. They are proud to work with 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist McLain Ward, Olympians Margie Engle and Alison Firestone, as well as grand prix riders Molly Ashe, Michael Morrissey, Joie Gatlin, Callan Solem, Jimmy Torano, Christine McCrea, Mandy Porter, Conor Swail, Olympic Three-Day event rider Darren Chiacchia, and Australian Three-Day event rider Christine Bates.

Although EquiFit, Inc. sponsors many grand prix riders, their boots and saddle pads can be used by anyone in a wide array of equestrian disciplines including dressage, eventing, endurance, reining, trail riding, and racing.

For more information, please visit their website at:, call 1-877-4-EQUIFIT, or fax at 781-329-8392.

Photo Credit: EquiFit, Inc.’s new T-Boot, the XCEL™. Photo by Jennifer Wood.