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Outback Trading Company Offers More with Tassy Crusher Hats

Horse Tack - Cowboy Hats

Just in time for fall, Outback Trading Company shakes up their Tassy Crusher hat line with more cool styles, hot colors and sexy trims. Known as the “hats with a memory,” this collection now offers a variety of choices, including the Crystal Cowgirl (shown), Kookaurra, Western Charm, Western Sparkle and Maverick.

The Tassy Crusher story began with an outstanding silhouette in crushable, shaperetaining, water-repellant 100% wool. The dense fabrics of these hats offer sun and UV protection, while their wide, wired brims can be shaped to personal preference. Now the next chapter for these fantastic hats unfolds to meet the fashion craze with dynamic fall colors, attractive hat bands and innovative features like tonal, tooled under brims.

“We are very pleased with how this collection has evolved,” said Wilson King, president of Outback Trading Company. “Our designers have truly made these hats fashion forward with flashy hat bands and new features like ribbon edges and tonal underbrims.”

Rolling off the shelves this fall will be the Crystal Cowgirl and Western Sparkle hats. Both feature a fancy new design – the tonal tooled underbrim – adding a special feminine pizzazz. Also, both lend a flirtatious sparkle with their matching crystal hatbands. The Crystal Cowgirl is the adult version of the hat, sporting a 3½ inch crown and 3½ inch brim. Customers may get the hat in black with a red tonal underbrim, or in the trendy fall colors blueberry, brown, eggplant, and green. Junior cowgirls can also join in the fun with the similar Western Sparkle hat. Available only in youth sizes, this hat sports a 3½ inch crown and 3½ inch brim. It comes in blueberry, eggplant and green.

Outback Trading Company added yet another fancy feature – the ribbon edge – to the Western Charm hat. A colored ribbon edge of lavender, pink or red outlines the western profile of this eye-catching black hat. Customers can also be creative with a choice between two hatbands – one that looks like sparkling confetti or one with flower-like silver conchos.

The choices are endless with the Kookaurra. The brim of this hat features a matching satin-finish cording that adds just the right special touch. This hat is also unique in that it comes in two color palettes, each with its own sweetheart of a hat band. One palette includes light blue, red, pink and mauve. This group sports a black hat band with silver, concho hearts. The second set includes aqua, lavender, apricot, celery and red. These hats feature a tan band with small silver hearts and color-coordinating crystals.

Men and women can dare to be different with the Maverick. This hat features a low profile, a sharply pinched crease and a narrow brim that’s rolled high and dipped low. It sports a 4¾ inch crown and 3¼ inch brim. Customers may choose between four colors – black, brown, pink and red, and two outstanding hat bands.

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