Horse Tack Review

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Fleeceworks™, the San Diego-based company known for its top quality 100 percent Australian Merino sheepskin saddle pads and accessories, is proud to present its new line of 100 percent Australian Merino wool saddle pads.

Why wool? Wool, while not as luxurious as Merino sheepskin, offers some of the same benefits at a much lower price point, and is very easy to care for. In a saddle pad, wool provides a thermal balancing layer that wicks heat away from the horse's back-something that acrylic fleece cannot.

Wool, the original high-tech fiber, can absorb up to 30 percent of its weight in moisture, keeping the horse's back dry and comfortable. It has more natural elasticity than any other fiber, and is one of the least allergenic of materials. It washes easily with a mild detergent, either in the machine on gentle cycle or by hand.

For riders who prefer the lower cost and tough durability of wool, Fleeceworks™ is offering the option in a wide range of its most popular and innovative products:

Full contoured pads featuring the Perfect Balance System (Patent Pending) are available in close-contact, all purpose and dressage models. The pads come with full visco-elastic (memory foam) inserts, with optional front and back inserts sold separately. This system, already a huge hit in its sheepskin version, allows riders to customize the pad to address a myriad of saddle fit issues, and is ideal in situations where one saddle is used on multiple horses. These pads are sold at a suggested retail price of $89.

Also offered are white quilted square pads with 100 percent Australian Merino wool lining under the saddle area. These pads are available in either All Purpose or Dressage models and are sold at a suggested retail price of $76.

All Fleeceworks™ products come with full two year warranty against manufacturing defects.