Horse Tack Review

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Horse owners now have available from their veterinarian the FDA-approved complete treatment regimen of seven 5 mL vials of Adequan® i.m. (polysulfated glycosaminoglycan) in one convenient package. The new 1/4/7 package provides the recommended treatment regimen of one dose every four days for seven treatments of Adequan® i.m.

A dose response study has shown that horses receiving the complete regimen of seven injections of Adequan® i.m. exhibited a 71% improvement in maximum carpal (knee) flexion and an 83% improvement in joint fluid. This was a significant improvement over results after four doses. Studies also show that beneficial levels are reached in the joint two hours after the first injection and last up to 96 hours.

Adequan® i.m. is the only disease-modifying osteoarthritis drug on the market approved by the FDA for the treatment of equine arthritis. As the only joint therapy clinically proven to relieve symptoms and treat the underlying causes of equine degenerative joint disease, Adequan® i.m. doesn’t just stop the pain and inflammation. It blocks the enzymes that damage joints, improves joint lubrication, protects cartilage structure and inhibits further degeneration of joint tissues.

Call your veterinarian to ask about the causes, effects and treatments for degenerative joint disease. Ask for the free educational CD, “Balanced Joints. Sound horse,” or call (800) 974-9247. For more information about Adequan® i.m. and the new one-horse full-regimen treatment package, visit