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The Rambo Wug

Horse Blanket Product Spotlight

The Rambo Wug is a dramatic new rug design combining the best features of the popular Rambo Turnout with innovations developed by Horseware Ireland. While trying to develop a neck warmer that really worked, it dawned on us that we were throwing away half of what we were looking for every time we cut the neck out. So we decided to leave it in.

High cut neck

The Rambo Wug incorporates a neck warmer into the blanket, which retains warmth and keeps out rain – yet allows the horse enough freedom to graze. This extra cut of the blanket means that more of your horse is covered – keeping him warmer, drier, and cleaner!

Innovative Rambo Leg Arches™ & 3rd surcingle (patent pending)

The Rambo Wug now features innovative Rambo leg arches™ & 3rd surcingle, unique to Horseware Ireland, that allow the extra depth of the rug to contour to the horse’s shape without restricting movement.

Reflective strips mean horses are safer and easier to find! Reflective strip on the front, back side and tail flap of rug makes the horse easier to find in the dark.

Patented front closure system

The Rambo Wug incorporates a new patented front closure system. Instead of being horizontal, the top strap is at an angle and lies along the groove between the horse’s shoulder and neck. This “V” formation allows the horse freedom to graze while transferring the pressure above the point of shoulder, which lies between the straps. This configuration produces a collar or scarf like effect, which reduces heat loss and prevents rain from entering the front of the rug.

Super tough ballistic nylon outer shell

The Rambo range of Turnouts all have an incredibly tough outer shell of ballistic nylon, which give them an unrivalled strength and durability. When properly looked after, your Rambo Turnout can withstand many years of use and wear.