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The COWBOY MAGIC® Company, manufacturer of the popular line of COWBOY MAGIC® concentrated grooming products for horses and their owners, announces the release of the third article in the COWBOY MAGIC® Bonding by Grooming Series.

Clean but Still Coarse?

You just bathed your horse, yet his coat still feels coarse and looks dull. That’s because your grooming products aren’t removing the mineral buildup on his hair.

We’ve all experienced the difference between taking a shower or bath in soft water as opposed to hard water. Soft water leaves our skin and hair feeling soft and silky. Hard water, on the other hand, makes our hair feel coarse and our skin dry. Soft water doesn’t necessarily get you cleaner, but it feels that way because the minerals in the water have been removed. That’s why it’s called “soft” water. Hard water, on the other hand, is full of minerals, particularly if the water is coming from a well.

There is nothing wrong with having minerals in your water—in fact, it’s beneficial. But over time, these minerals collect in your hair and on your skin. The same is true for your horse. If your horse’s coat looks dull and feels coarse, even when it’s freshly washed, it’s because the minerals have gradually built up on the hair follicles.

The minerals most often found in hard water are magnesium and calcium. They become dissolved in the water because water sits in underground aquifers in calcium and magnesium-bearing rock, as well as limestone, chalk, dolomite and even marble. Carbon dioxide in the water actually facilitates the dissolving process of the minerals, forming a weak carbonic acid. This mineral-rich, acidic water then comes right out of your hose and into contact with your horse.

As alarming as this might sound, you don’t have to run out and purchase a water softener for your wash rack. There is a less expensive way to remove the minerals from your horse’s coat. COWBOY MAGIC® DEMINERALIZERTM CONDITIONER is formulated specifically for removing hard water mineral deposits and buildup from your horse’s main, tail and coat.

COWBOY MAGIC® founder and CEO Jim Cummings developed the product after noticing the dullness in his own horses’ coats.

“When I had younger horses, I liked to turn them out in high-desert winter pasture to let them run free to experience the tougher side of a horse’s life,” says Cummings. “During those months, when the weather was nice, I’d bathe them. I noticed that their hair didn’t feel as soft and looked dull after washing them with well water. I conferred with our chemist, and we decided to develop a demineralizing conditioner to help remove hard water deposits from hair. In the process, we discovered that our new formula also removed chemical deposits from city water, further improving after-shampooing results.”

COWBOY MAGIC® DEMINERALIZERTM CONDITIONER can be used straight out of the bottle or diluted at a ratio of 20 parts water to one part conditioner for an all-over body rinse. As it is massaged into the hair, it loosens and dissolves the mineral and chemical buildup on the hair. Rinse, and the buildup rinses away. DEMINERALIZERTM CONDITIONER also contains silk proteins and panthenol, which penetrate the hair and skin, adding moisture and body. Once the hair is demineralized, the affects can last for more than a week. Static electricity is also neutralized, and manes and tails remain tangle-free longer.

Leading horse trainer and clinician Ken McNabb has been using COWBOY MAGIC® products off and on for more than eight years. “By off and on I mean that I’ve also used other products,” says McNabb. “What I like about the COWBOY MAGIC® products is that if I use them on a Monday, I have a residual effect. If I use another product on Monday, I will probably need to use that product again on Tuesday. I also use COWBOY MAGIC® products on myself.”

Human hair-care salons have been offering this special demineralizing service for years. Try using COWBOY MAGIC® DEMINERALIZERTM CONDITIONER on your own hair as a conditioner and body builder after shampooing. Your hair will look and feel soft and clean, and it will have more body and be more manageable.

Step-by-Step Demineralizing

Every minute we spend with our horse is an opportunity to bond with him. Horses love to be groomed, and they will show their appreciation with the relaxed look in their eye or a twitch of their nose as you scratch that itchy spot. Some horses don’t like to be bathed, while others love it. Those horses that tense up at the sight of the hose can be persuaded to change their mind about what they think of a bath just by doing a few things to ease their minds. Here are some tips to make the bathing experience a pleasant one:

1. Don’t use water that is too hot or two cold. Horses prefer water that is what we call “room temperature” to luke warm.

2. Start at his feet and work up. Don’t just turn the hose full blast on your horse’s body. Start with his lower legs and slowly move up his legs to his belly, sides, neck and, last, back.

3. Don’t get water in his ears, eyes or up his nose. If he really doesn’t want his face sprayed, use a sponge instead.

4. If you use a sprayer, put it on a softer setting.

Begin by bathing your horse thoroughly with COWBOY MAGIC® ROSEWATER SHAMPOO, then rinse thoroughly. Using just a small amount of DEMINERALIZERTM CONDITIONER, massage it into his mane, tail and coat. On his body, work your hands in a circular motion to massage the conditioner into the hair until it begins to lather. This will loosen and dissolve the minerals and chemicals in the hair. You can also dilute it at a ratio of 20 parts water to one part conditioner and sponge it over your horse’s body. Then rinse and scrape away the excess water.

As your horse dries, you will see the results. His coat will be soft and shiny, and his mane and tail will be easy to comb through.

For more information about the complete line of COWBOY MAGIC® products, log onto, or call (800) 755-6844 to find a retailer near you that carries COWBOY MAGIC® quality concentrated grooming products.