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Trailer Express - Helps horses cope with transport stress

Horse Health Product Spotlight

Transport Stress? Your horse doesn’t leave home without it. By trailer, truck, or aircraft, transport subjects horses to a host of stressors that can lead to diminished performance and health problems, some lasting days after you arrive at your destination. Trailering requires the horse to sustain constant isometric exercise to maintain physical balance. Studies reveal that transport increases heart rates and stress hormones, impairs the ability of the intestinal tract to maintain hydration, increases vulnerability of the respiratory tract, and challenges the immune system. Premature exhaustion, dehydration, intestinal imbalance, behavioral problems, muscle soreness and cramping, and increased susceptibility to infections are problems all-too-familiar to the traveling horse owner.

Fluid Balance is Essential To help the trailering horse cope, it is vital to maintain normal balance of intestinal and cellular fluids and electrolytes. The integrity of the protective mucin lining the digestive tract is one of the first casualties of elevated stress hormones. This breakdown can lead to leakage of fluids from the gut, diminished ability to handle heat stress, and abnormal electrolyte flux. To make matters worse, many trailering horses refuse the water they need. In addition to obvious problems, such as scours, loss of fluid balance and intestinal tonicity can lead to impaired cellular hydration, with far-reaching consequences for performance and health.

We Are Not Alone Transport stress in livestock is a costly problem generating a great deal of veterinary research, and some very promising solutions. Trailer Express™ adapts the best of this research in a solution specifically designed for horses, to give them sustained support to face the metabolic challenges of transport. It’s a unique product designed to give fast-acting and long-lasting support of normal fluid and electrolyte balance in foals and adult horses, on and off the road.

How It Works The foundation of Trailer Express™ is a special combination of soluble and insoluble natural dietary fibers that slow down gut flow to enhance normal absorption of water and nutrients. These fibers can also help stabilize the gut by improving its ability to hold and retain water. Special water-soluble, non-degradable polysaccharides that closely resemble the natural gut mucin are also included, to help coat and protect sensitive gut tissues and support intestinal tonicity.

Trailer Express™ also supplies electrolytes balanced to match normal blood plasma, to encourage hydration, cellular fluid balance, and water consumption. To support the continual exercise required to maintain balance during trailering, selected carbohydrate energy sources are included to provide steady release over the recommended eight hour feeding period. Key vitamins are also included in the Trailer Express™ formula to support metabolic pathways in the maintenance of tissues, enzymes, and immune response.

Off Road Use If you raise foals, or have had a chance to become acquainted with the equine digestive tract, the benefits of Trailer Express™ have probably captured your attention. Trailer Express™ is indeed a very handy tool to have on hand when rapid support for intestinal integrity is required. It can be fed immediately, either dry or mixed in water, to foals or horses of any age for on-the-spot action to support gut stability.

Recommended Feeding Make fresh clean water available at all times. 50 gram scoop enclosed. Transport: Eight hours before transporting horse, feed two scoops (100 grams). Before loading horse, feed two more scoops. Feed two scoops for every eight hours of transport. Repeat for return trip. Endurance and other sustained performance: Feed 1 scoop every four hours during exercise to support intestinal and cellular hydration. Immediate Care, Foals: Always feed mixed with water, one scoop (50 g) per quart warm water. Foals, severe: Up to 100 lbs body weight, feed 200 g (4 scoops) over 24 hours. Over 100 lbs, feed 300 g (6 scoops) over 24 hours. Foals, moderate/initial onset: Feed 200 g (4 scoops) daily for two days. Foals, shipping in: Feed 200 g (4 scoops) in two equal feedings before beginning regular feed. Weaned foals, moderate/initial onset: Offer 100 g (2 scoops) mixed in 2 qts warm water for 8 hours. Assist feeding and repeat if necessary.