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Equilite Inc.’s Sore No More™ Celebrates 15 Years - New Sore No More Shampoo™ Draws Rave Reviews

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For more than 15 years, Equilite Inc.’s award winning Sore No More™ has helped horses and their people. In celebration, Equilite Inc. is pleased to announce the release of Sore No More Shampoo™. Incorporating the benefits of Sore No More™ liniment in a sodium laurel sulfate-free shampoo, this great product is already drawing rave reviews. The non-drying formula brings out the shine while the liniment offers relief from hard work.

“Sore No More Shampoo™ is a pure plant based shampoo,” explains Stacey Small, CEO and President of Equilite, Inc. “People were telling us for years that they were adding Sore No More™ to their bath water as a brace, so we developed the Sore No More Shampoo™--all of the benefits of the liniment, but with a non-drying, all natural shampoo base. We are excited about its release. It’s already selling really well.”

Sore No More Shampoo™ rinses clean with no residue and leaves coats silky and shiny. Tails no longer itch and hair grows back quickly. It’s great for dogs as well as horses, and is free of the harsh detergent, sodium laurel sulfate, a proven skin irritant that is found in many shampoos. With Sore No More Shampoo™ you can shampoo as frequently as you want without drying the skin or removing your horse’s natural shine. Your horse or dog will not only be sparkling clean, he’ll be free of aches and pains—perfect after a long ride or hike.

“We have received thousands of emails and notes with great stories about how Sore No More™ has helped horses,” recalls Small. “It has been really rewarding to hear about super-star horses and trail horses who have benefited from Sore No More™. ” This internationally recognized arnica and witch hazel based herbal liniment has revolutionized the industry and has proven to be a mainstay in the tack trunks of numerous Olympic medalists like Anne Kursinksi and classic-winning racehorse trainers. Used on horses as diverse as Kentucky Derby winner Giacomo and Dr. Cesar Parra’s Olympic dressage horse Galant du Serein, Sore No More™ is ideal for strains, sprains and muscle spasms, and is very effective on sore backs. Sore No More™ has received numerous accolades and has been chosen as a Product of Year by the influential and prestigious Horse Journal.

Sore No More Shampoo is available in four sizes—2 oz, 8 oz., 32 oz., and gallon size. Original Sore No More™ is available in three sizes: 16 oz, gallon and a 2 oz. trial size. Sore No More Gelotion™ is available in 2 oz., 12 oz, and gallon size. Sore No More Wraparounds™ are sold in canisters of 36 sheets. For more information call 1-800-942-lite or visit

About Equilite Inc.

Headquartered in Pottstown, PA, Equilite Inc. is the creator of all-natural botanical products for animals. Equilite is best known for its award-winning Sore-No-More™ Arnica-based herbal liniment line. Equilite’s product line also includes herbal supplements, and the Botanical Animal™ Flower Essence line for both small and large animals. For additional information on Equilite or its products please visit