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Espree Announces Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray

Horse Tack - Grooming Products

Espree Animal Products has introduced a Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray. An effective natural solution for common skin problems such as fungus, rain rot, sweet itch, girth itch, bug bites and dry skin. Natural Anti-Bacterial Healing Spray provides antiseptic relief to fight bacteria while promoting the renewal of skin cells and hair growth.

About Espree

Espree's philosophy is to combine the wisdom of nature with innovative technology to deliver premium, wholesome solutions for grooming and animal care. The cornerstone upon which Espree was founded in 1989 was, and always will be, our dedication to pets and our family of pet loving customers to deliver the very best natural animal products. It is our uncompromised belief that effective, pesticide free products with natural ingredients are gentler and safer for pets and owner alike. As animal lover's, we know that you will agree that Espree products are ideal for all of your animal grooming needs.