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Horse Shampoo

Throw away the buckets and toss out the sponges with the new White ‘N Brite Body Wash from Farnam Companies, Inc. The easy-to-use spray applicator fits on the end of your hose to spray a rich, luxurious lather all over your horse that easily removes even the worst yellow manure stains. Switch from wash to rinse with the turn of a dial, leaving a stunningly clean coat with a nourishing glow.

The optical brighteners in White ‘N Brite Body Wash add incredible intensity to the coats of light-colored horses in minutes, while the coconut oil derivatives moisturize and increase absorption of the brightening agents.

“The White ‘N Brite Body Wash is a phenomenal product,” said Alyssa Barngrover, product manager for Farnam Horse Products. “Cleaning white or light-colored horses is very strenuous and time-consuming, not to mention the effort it takes to keep the horse clean after bathing. With the White ‘N Brite Body Wash, consumers can minimize the amount of time it takes to bathe their light-colored horse and achieve the same results as a regular bath: a stunningly clean coat and brilliant glow.”

To keep light-colored horses clean, Barngrover offers the following tips:

- To minimize the amount of stain removal needed on light-colored horses, clean the horse’s stall regularly.

- To keep light-colored horses stain-free, bathe them on a regular basis and be sure to scrub the spots where stains tend to occur: hocks, elbows and tails.

- For regular bathing, use White ‘N Brite Body Wash, which creates a sudsy mixture, and spray over the entire body. Let stand for 3 – 5 minutes and rinse until water runs clear.

- For stubborn stains, apply White ’N Brite shampoo full-strength, rub in, leave on for 2 – 3 minutes, then rinse.

- To spot-clean in cold weather, apply White ‘N Brite shampoo to a damp cloth and massage into stain. Leave on for 2 – 3 minutes and wipe off with a clean towel.

White ‘N Brite Body Wash is available to customers this summer from Farnam Premier Dealers as a special promotional item. The MSRP is $18.95 for a 32-ounce bottle with built-in sprayer that attaches to a regular garden hose. Farnam is kicking off the White ‘N Brite Body Wash launch by offering a $2.00 instant savings coupon, available in stores or on the web site.

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