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Julie Goodnight Launches Syndicated Column—Available for Regional Horse Publications

Horse Trainers

Well respected clinician and horse trainer Julie Goodnight announces the launch of her syndicated column, “Communicating Clearly with Julie Goodnight.” Goodnight will offer monthly installments of print-ready horse behavior stories organized in a question and answer format.

She invites you and your publication to publish the never-before-seen writings (complete with complimentary high-res photo) in exchange for advertising in your publication. Each participating publication will receive the same article on the first of each month—to be published in a specific month or issue. For the first 12 installments, Goodnight focuses on equine behavior—her personal research strength and a favorite topic for many horse enthusiasts. Topics include audible expressions, pawing, aggression at feeding time, herd hierarchy, grieving horses, self mutilation, jealousy, excessive chewing, reactions to the cinch, aggression in the round pen, kicking out, horses who must lead on the trail, and barn sour behaviors. The series progresses from herd behavior to behavior exhibited during groundwork, then finally behaviors noted while riding. Goodnight explains the underlying horse psychology and offers suggestions as to how horse owners can stop the unwanted behavior.

The first column in the series will be sent out July 1, 2006. Contact Goodnight by June 19, 2006 and receive two extra columns at no charge. If you’re interested in running the series, please contact the Goodnight Training Stables office at,, or call 719-530-0531. E-mail for a sample column. Ad exchange rates will be made on an individual basis, commiserate with publications’ editorial payment and ad fees.

Goodnight is also available for individual columns, interviews, and training articles. Please contact her for more information about articles tailored to your publications’ needs.