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Across Disciplines, Top Equine Professionals Recognize the Importance of Digestive Health

Horse Health

A recognized international competitor in the world of combined driving, Chester Weber of Ocala, FL, has been at the top of his sport for more than ten years. His horses have successfully competed at the highest levels throughout the world, and he puts his name and reputation behind the daily use of SUCCEED(TM) Digestive Conditioning Program(TM) to foster optimum digestive health and support peak performance.

A unique nutritional supplement that is scientifically formulated to promote complete digestive tract health, SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program was built on the knowledge that healthy horses feel better, look better and perform better. Optimum digestive tract health can give equine athletes the edge they need to perform up to their full potential.

“I am certainly impressed with this product,” said Weber. “My horses regularly travel overseas and compete under extreme conditions. SUCCEED helps to keep them healthy and focused, which gives them an advantage in competition.”

In combined driving events, horses and drivers participate in three separate phases of competition with a single horse or pony, a pair, or up to four horses or ponies. Weber began his career competing with a pair of horses, but moved up to four-in-hand in 1999. Keeping four horses healthy enough to compete despite intense training and travel schedules is quite a task, and SUCCEED helps Weber’s team by supporting overall digestive health.

Weber is no stranger to the rigors of international competition. In 1993, at just 18 years old, he was the youngest driver ever to qualify for the World Pairs Driving Championships and to be named to the United States Equestrian Team (USET). He made history again in 1996, becoming the youngest winner of the USET Advanced Pairs National Championship. From 1997 to 1999 he racked up a record-setting 12 consecutive wins in advanced combined driving events. Consistently ranked among the top ten drivers internationally, Weber has captured the four-in-hand national championship title four years running and will compete at this year’s World Equestrian Games in Aachen, Germany August 20-September 3.

“We’re proud that across the many disciplines of equestrian sport, top equine professionals are recognizing the benefits of using SUCCEED. Beyond using the product themselves, they’re willing to put their names behind SUCCEED without financial compensation from Freedom Health,” said Patrick Warczak, Vice President – Marketing at Freedom Health, LLC. “Chester’s commitment to excellence is evident in his competitive record, and his support for SUCCEED continues to highlight the importance of maintaining a healthy digestive tract to achieve optimal performance levels.”

For more information on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, including in-depth articles on digestive tract health and interactive presentations, visit Information may also be obtained by calling toll-free, 866-270-7939.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC of Aurora, Ohio. This company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them.