Horse Tack Review

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The Clip - A New and Innovative Piece of Horse Tack for tying your Horse!

Horse Tack

The Clip is one of the most innovative new products on the market today. Mark Peterson developed “The Clip” after getting tired of tying and untying his horses time and time again. Think of how many times you have to tie and untie your horse… The Clip provides a convenient and safe solution to all of your horse-tying needs.

NO Installation. The Clip goes with you everywhere. The same rope you use to lead your horse secures him inside the trailer and can be used to secure your horse outside of the trailer. This product works for cross ties, high lines, trailers and barns. You should see how easy it makes hanging a hay net!! You’ll never have to hold up and tie a heavy hay net again. Just pull it up and lock it down.

With The Clip, there is no more tying and untying of knots. This allows for anyone to use it – even children can safely secure their horse. The Clip allows you to adjust the length of your lead rope as needed for any situation, and it’s easy! With one simple pull, you can lengthen your rope to feed or water your horse safely.

The Clip provides a very safe way to secure any horse, anywhere. If a horse spooks or pulls, The Clip allows for the horse to pull back and be relieved of the pressure, avoiding damage to equipment or injury to your horse. This release allows the horse to calm down and remain tied safely. This feature works in all tying situations.

Safe, easy to use, and convenient, The Clip will change the way you tie your horse forever. For more information, or to watch a video of this exiting new product, go to or call 866-900-2547