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The Lyons Press Announces New Summer Titles

New Horse Books

The Lyons Press is pleased to announce the publication of the following titles: Barrel Racing 101, Dressage Masters, The Seamless Seat and America’s Horses.

The Natural Superiority of Mules by John Hauer (The Lyons Press, December 2005) was recently awarded first place in the Equine-Related Books Pictorial category of American Horse Publications’ annual 2006 awards contest. Mule lovers will be enchanted and horse lovers just may be converted by these tales and photos of the stamina, intelligence, loyalty, and common sense displayed by the average mule. Congratulations, John Hauer!


The Natural Superiority of Mules is a collection of essays, articles, and stories in celebration of all the unique qualities of these remarkable hybrids. Full-color photographs accompanying the articles illustrate the grace, strength, and agility of these fantastic and fascinating creatures. John Hauer and his wife, Sena, buy; sell, raise, and ride mules at their Back Country Mules ranch on the banks of the Colorado River north of Moab, Utah.

Lyons Press, December 2005, $29.95, hardcover, 10 ˝ X 10 ˝, 152 Pages, ISBN 1-59228-864-2


A Complete Program for Horse and Rider

As thrilling as barrel racing is to watch, doing it is even more fun, as thousands of people are discovering every year. Barrel Racing 101 champion racer and instructor Marlene McRae shares her program that has taken hundreds of her students to success in the arena. Barrel Racing 101 is the perfect textbook for the sport. Marlene McRae, World Champion barrel racer, includes among her many trophies two gold medals won at the 1988 Winter Olympic Games (where rodeo events were included). She continues to compete and conduct clinics throughout the United States and Canada.

Lyons Press, June 2006, $22.95, 6 X 9, hardcover, 240 Pages, ISBN: 1-59228-796-4


Techniques and Philosophies of Five Legendary Trainers

Dressage Masters takes the reader into four of the greatest training stables in Europe. The master instructors express their philosophies and practices with regard to training horses and riders, and the state of dressage in the United States and elsewhere in the world. They also share fascinating and enlightening stories about their own education, and the triumphs and hurdles encountered along their paths to success. David Collins, a successful competitor and trainer and clinician of horses and students through Grand Prix level, has studied with many European dressage masters. He is a contributing writer for Dressage Today and has had articles published in The Chronicle of the Horse, and Sidelines magazine.

Lyons Press, June 2006, $29.95, hardcover, 8 x 10, 160 Pages, ISBN: 1-59228-674-7


Creating the Ideal Connection with Your Horse

A good seat, to which every rider aspires, is the result of coordinating one's body with the horse at rest or in motion. Whether your discipline is English or Western riding for pleasure or for competition, The Seamless Seat will make you a more educated and capable horseman. Kathleen Schmitt rode and studied in Europe with, among others, Olympic dressage medalist Reiner Klimke. A certified British Horse Society instructor, she has trained hunter/jumper, Western, and dressage riders. Her articles have appeared in several equestrian publications, including Arabian Horse Journal.

Lyons Press, July 2006, $24.95, hardcover, 6 x 9, 288 Pages, ISBN: 1-59228-685-2

Now in Paperback:


A Celebration of the Horse Breeds Born in the U.S.A

From the early days of exploration to the present, horses have been a vital part of American life. Whether working in the field, charging into battle, galloping toward the homestretch, or bringing home that first blue ribbon, their history has been intertwined with ours. America's Horses gives a more thorough and informative look at U.S. horses than most breed books provide. Lushly illustrated with images by acclaimed equestrian photographer Bob Langrish, this is a book for every horse lover. Moira C. Harris is the editor of Horse Illustrated. A lifelong horsewoman, Harris currently competes in dressage and show jumping with her two thoroughbreds. Bob Langrish is a world-renowned photographer, and his work has appeared in more than one hundred books.

Lyons Press, July 2006, $19.95, trade paper, 8 1/2 X 11, 224 Pages, ISBN: 1-59228-893-6

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