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Giraffes Having A Ball With New Equine Toys

Horse Tack - Horse Toys

A Scottish company is helping to entertain the giraffes at an American zoo this year – by sending them horse toys to play with. Likit Products, a Scotland company, has developed a special range of innovative toys for horses to help combat stress, relieve boredom and stimulate a natural grazing behavior which is beneficial to digestion. These environmentally enriching, treat and feed based toys have proven very popular with horse enthusiasts in the U.S., U.K. and other global markets. And now the over-sized range of play products from the Scottish company is helping to keep the giraffes entertained at Brookfield Zoo, one of the oldest zoos in the Chicago area.

A special selection of toys, which includes the Snak-a-Ball™, were snapped up by the Brookfield Zoo in a bid to enrich the environment for their giraffes and keep them amused. The Snak-a-Ball™ contains the animal's daily food ration or treats, which pays out gradually as the ball is moved around. It can be used in the stable or the field for the horse (or in this case the giraffe) to play and feed throughout the day, helping to keep its mind active and its environment interesting. However, because giraffes are not grazing animals, the keepers at the Brookfield zoo decided to hang the ball.

Although this is the first time Likit Products have been used by zoo animals in the USA, Elephants at Whipsnade Zoo in Dunstable, Bedfordshire became the first zoo animals to use the horse toys last year.

Andrew Robertson, Managing Director of Scotmin Nutrition said “We are delighted to get this news from Brookfield Zoo. The Snak-a-Ball was originally designed for horses, and has been used by pot belly pigs and even elephants. But this is the first time we are aware that a Snak-a-Ball has been used to enrich the environment of giraffes!”

Likit Treats & Toys have been designed and tested with the help of Equine Behavioral Specialists in the U.S. and U.K. Other toys in the Likit range include the Likit Holder, Boredom Breaker, and the Tongue Twister. All the toys are designed to be used in conjunction with Likits treats, which are available in 10 tasty flavors: Apple, Banana, Carrot, Cherry, Garlic, Honey & Camomile, Natural Molasses, Mint, Salt and Sport. Likit Products is also launching two new dog toys - the K9 Wob Ball and Snak-a-Ball, which are designed to keep your dog amused for hours, whether you're there or not!

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Likit Products manufactures in conjunction with parent company Scotmin Nutrition Ltd, one of the UK's largest independent feed supplement producers. Scotmin Nutrition Ltd is a subsidiary of the Buccleuch Group, Scotland’s leading rural specialist, providing unique products and services to farming and rural communities across the UK and overseas.