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Magic Moments

Cowboy Magic®

Win or lose, showing is about creating memories. Every young boy or girl to step into the show ring has experienced that one special moment. It might have been their first show, or their first win, or perhaps it was the day they finally perfected their showmanship pattern. For Bailey Anderson of Milsap, Texas, that magic moment happened at the 2006 American Paint Horse Association World Show.

Bailey, who recently turned 10, has been showing since she was 7. Every summer, Bailey would go to Fort Worth to watch the other kids show at the APHA World Show. She hoped that someday she could show there, too.

The opportunity to do so came when Ryan Read of Aubrey, Texas, called Bailey’s mother, Tina, to ask if Bailey would be interested in showing her horse. Read’s horse, Too Sexy ForMySpot, or “Babs,” is a double-registered Paint and Quarter Horse mare that holds the record for the most world championships won at the APHA World Show, with 19.

“Ryan felt like she had already accomplished so much with Babs, and so she wasn’t planning on taking her back to the World Show,” Tina explains. “But she wanted a kid to show her horse, so she called us.”

Bailey didn’t have much time to get to know Babs “We took Babs to one practice show at the Texas Classic Quarter Horse Show, so Bailey would have a chance to work with her at a show,” says Tina, “and she won the high-point walk-trot award.”

Because Bailey was 9 at the time, she would show Babs in the walk-trot division for youth ages 5 to 9 at the APHA World Show. The experience was pure magic. Bailey and Babs won the world championship in walk-trot trail, placing first under all five judges. The pair also won two reserve world championships, in walk-trot showmanship and walk-trot horsemanship, and Bailey was named reserve high-point exhibitor in the walk-trot division.

“I was really proud of myself,” says Bailey, who admits that she was very nervous. “It was so cool to be there as an exhibitor, rather than just watching. And it was great to have all my family there and have everybody helping me.”

“It was just incredible,” says Tina, who also showed when she was a youth. “I never had the opportunity to show at this level that Bailey has been given.”

Getting to show Babs to a world championship was a wonderful experience for Bailey. What Tina values most is the bond that she and her daughter share because of horses. “Horses have created a bond between Bailey and I that is beyond comparison,” says Tina. As a parent, she believes that horses teach kids a tremendous amount of responsibility. “Bailey has developed a good work ethic and she knows that hard work pays off. She’s also learned how to win and how to lose.”

Winning the world championship was great, but what Bailey enjoys most is spending time with her own horses. Her first show horse, a Quarter Horse she calls Mickey, is now retired at age 24. She recently got a new horse named Kramer, and so far has won three high-point belt buckles with him at local shows.

Bailey understands the importance of taking proper care of her horses, and she knows that she is responsible for their well-being. “I wash out their water buckets and feed them every day. I also clean their stalls and groom them every day,” Bailey says. “It’s important to keep Kramer clean so he looks like a show horse, and he likes it when I use the curry comb on his flank.”

When asked about her APHA World Show experience Bailey smiles and says, “That 19th world championship that Babs has is the one I won with her.”

SIDEBAR: Shine in the Show Ring

We all want to look and do our best when we step into the show ring, so don’t let your horse’s dull coat dull your performance. To get that dazzling shine, use COWBOY MAGIC® BODYSHINE™ spray on your horse’s body, mane and tail. BODYSHINE™ spray is formulated to reflect a spectrum of light under natural or show ring lights, and its ingredients, which include aloe vera and chamomile extract, condition the hair and skin, as well as repel dust.

To get that sparkling shine, spray BODYSHINE™ on your horse’s clean coat. Using your hands, slick the hair with quick, light strokes. Let the hair dry for a few seconds and then use a clean, dry towel or soft brush to polish the hair. (If you are showing under saddle, do not spray BODYSHINE™ on the saddle pad area.)

For a shiny mane and tail, spray BODYSHINE™ spray onto clean hair, let it dry and then use a soft brush to smooth the hair and bring out the shine.

For a quick touch-up and to remove any dust, spray a small amount of BODYSHINE™ onto a clean towel and wipe down your horse.

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