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Professional Pet and Equine Skin & Coat Treatment Products Receives Trademark

Horse Grooming Products

avVaa World Health Care Products Inc. (BULLETIN BOARD: AVVW) , a global biotechnology company offering therapeutic, natural skin and health care products for human and animals, announced today that it has received a registered trademark for its proprietary dermalustre(R) professional pet and equine skin and coat treatment.

avVaa EVP Sales and Marketing and Advisor to the Board Lorie Campbell-Farley, said, "We are pleased to announce the registration of dermalustre(R) as a registered trademark. Our product slogans in conjunction with our trademark: 'dermalustre(R), because you love your pet', and 'dermalustre(R), the heart of every champion,' will soon become highly recognizable in the pet and equine industries, as a result of our established advertising campaign and presence at upcoming trade shows that are expected to further secure avVaa in the Pet and Equine Industry.

avVaa VP of Animal Care Barb Hazell said, "In helping to develop dermalustre(R) over the past three years, I am very proud and pleased to be able to offer the full line of avVaa Care products, including: dermalustre(R), dermaspray, dermabrite Conditioning Shampoo and dermahoof-fit, to the pet and equine markets."

Hazell continued, "These products are now available at pet stores and tack shops across Canada and USA. Brand awareness of our dermalustre(R) is being built in ad campaigns that can now be found in retail magazines, such as: Pet Product News, Pet Age and Tack N Togs.

"For our consumer, ads are also in magazines such as: Dogs in Canada, Modern Dog, Animal Wellness, Saddle Up, Horses All, Horse Sport, and Equine Wellness."

About dermalustre(R) Animal and Equine Professional Skin and Coat Treatments

dermalustre(R) contains no waxes, silicone or harmful chemicals. Even when dermalustre(R) is applied to animal coats, its usage is safe for handlers, children and pets and horses. avVaa's dermalustre utilizes nanotechnology: a fine mineral solution that quickly absorbs into the skin and coat, providing deep conditioning and treatment, leaving no residue or build up. dermalustre(R) restores moisture to dry brittle coats and quickly relieves itchy, dry, flaky skin, while repelling dust and dirt. In addition, dermalustre(R) produces a healthy shine and it detangles! Visit for more information on this growing line of pet and equine care products.

About avVaa World Health Care Products

avVaa World Health Care Products (AVVW) is a global biotechnology company that specializes in effective, all natural, therapeutic skin care products that improve quality of life and well being for consumers. avVaa's patented European skin care formulas are scientifically registered, FDA-Compliant, and were developed to relieve and treat the symptoms of common skin ailments, including: eczema, psoriasis and acne. avVaa is poised to manufacture and market its OTC Neuroskin line of skin care products through mass food and drug channels in the United States and globally.

For additional information on avVaa contact Jack Farley CEO/Chairman, at 1-866-772-8822 or visit: or