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Grooma Easy Wormer Horse Wormer

Horse Care Product Spotlight

Easy Wormer from Grooma is a life saving device. If you worm (who doesn't), you need Easy Wormer. Co-developed by Mark Todd, two time Olympic Gold Medalist and current European Champion, a patent is pending for this drench bit with optional syringe. Hidden videography has shown that some horses can hold paste in their mouths for up to 12 minutes then spit it out when nobody's around. There are case reports of very expensive horses who have died and the autopsy revealed the presence of worms despite the owner's or trainer's insistence the horse had been regularly wormed.

Easy Wormer is fool proof. No more wrestling your horse. No more wasted dosages. No more uncertainty. Easy Wormer pays for itself in savings. You can use Easy Wormer to administer any number of remedies with its optional syringe. Vet recommended.

The Easy Wormer is easy to use. Just slip the Easy Wormer bit into the horse's mouth. The bit is a channel which you inject the paste into. The paste discharges through the bit and slides effortlessly down the horse's throat. Made of surgical grade plastic it will last for years. Good for every horse in the barn.

White Horse Trading Co., home of the Grooma, has served equestrians for 3 decadesby inventing and distributing an array of innovative products many of which have forever changed the way horses are cared for.

Finally, an entire line of naturally safe and healthy tools, accessories, treats, and health aids designed specifically to protect the horse, rider and environment. Nothing matters more to White Horse than the quality found in our award winning designs, our long standing reputation, and our craftsmanship, except, of course, your total satisfaction. We want you to know when you purchase our superior products, you are buying innovative quality inspired by a love and care for these magnificent creatures and the nature we share with them.

Grooma Easy Wormer is available now from State Line Tack. Click on their site to buy yours today!