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Advantages of Bumper Pull Horse Trailers

EquiSpirit Horse Trailers

Bumper pull horse trailers are also known as 'tag-along' trailers. The term "bumper pull" is actually inaccurate. After all, the trailer isn't supposed to really be attached to the bumper of the tow vehicle! Rather, the hitch used for hauling a bumper pull trailer is attached to the frame of the tow vehicle near the bumper area.

For individuals who generally haul only one or two horses, the bumper pull horse trailer is the most commonly used style. There are advantages of moving horses in a tag-along trailer versus a gooseneck trailer. Among those advantages are:

Bumper pull horse trailers cost less than gooseneck horse trailers.

You do not necessarily need a pickup truck to tow a tag-along trailer. The selection of tow vehicles from which to choose is much bigger for bumper pull horse trailers than for gooseneck trailers (which DO require the use of a pickup truck).

Because the bumper style is more common, more people have tow vehicles for this type of horse trailer. Therefore, it is easier to locate someone to help you out in case of an emergency, such as your tow vehicle breaking down.

It's easier to make a 'normal' turn with a tag-along trailer than with a gooseneck, because the tag-along follows the path of the tow vehicle. You're less likely to scrape a fender on a sign post or to run over the curb with a trailer wheel.

If you're pulling a trailer for the first time, a bumper pull trailer can seem less threatening.

Bumper pull style trailers don't require as much storage space as a gooseneck model.

Because it's easier to keep the combination weight of the tow vehicle and the tag-along horse trailer below 10,001 pounds, you do not have to declare the trailer as 'commercial.' Licensing, as a result, is less complicated.

A correctly hitched bumper pull horse trailer is just as safe to haul as a gooseneck trailer. Accidents generally happen because of carelessness-not because of any fault with the trailer.

No horse trailer is perfect! Horse trailers of the bumper pull style also have a few disadvantages, including:

When you haul more than two horses at a time, this type of trailer can face stability issues. After all, you're putting more tongue weight on the rear of the tow vehicle. Occasionally, a triple axle is used to compensate for the extra tongue weight. However, a triple axle tends to affect the maneuverability of the trailer. A slant-load model is better for hauling more than two horses in a tag-along trailer. A gooseneck model is even better for hauling bigger loads.

Bumper pull horse trailers do not have as much room for sleeping quarters as do gooseneck trailers.

The EquiSpirit two-horse standard bumper pulll trailer is designed to meet high safety and high quality standards. The comfort and safety of your horses are important factors in designing each EquiSpirit horse trailer.

Note: For more information about EquiSpirit bumper pull horse trailers, visit our EquiSpirit Horse Trailers

Reprinted with permission from EquiSpirit Horse Trailers