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Ariat International, Inc., one of the leading manufacturers of English and Western boots and apparel, will introduce the new Ariat® Cameo™ Chap and Cameo™ Chap Changers for Holiday 2006. As a leader of innovative equestrian footwear, Ariat proves that it can add original style to the comfort and functionality in this new half-chap that can be customized to riders’ individual style.

Ariat’s Cameo™ Chap is an unlined “second skin” fitting half-chap with a side zipper. This half-chap is like no other on the market. What makes the Cameo™ Chap different? The unique removable placket design. The Cameo™ Chap Changers are placed over the side zipper enabling riders to change decorative plackets quickly and easily to create four different looking chaps!

The placket’s four designs are each unique and include the Cameo™ Galaxy Changer with metal stud and rhinestone details in a random pattern; the Cameo™ Star Studded Changer with metal and stud rhinestones in a star and diamond design; the Cameo™ Bridle Stitch Changer featuring a classic contrast bridle stitch pattern; and the Cameo™ Fringe Changer with fringed suede.

“As the popularity of our half-chaps have grown, our customers have expressed a desire to have more variety in the chap’s design.” says Beth Cross, founder and CEO of Ariat International, Inc. “We responded to this request by creating the new Cameo™ Chap and Chap Changers, which allows the rider to customize their chaps according to their personal style.”

The new Cameo™ Chap and Chap Changers give the rider an opportunity to design a distinctive-looking half-chap for each ride, while also delivering the comfort, quality, and functionality that riders have come to expect from Ariat products.

The Ariat® Cameo™ Chap, available in Black and Chocolate, and Cameo™ Chap Changers will be introduced to the English line in December 2006.

About Ariat International, Inc.

Ariat International, Inc. is a leading manufacturer of innovative performance equestrian footwear, handbags, belts and apparel. Featuring patented technology designed to deliver stability, durability and comfort, Ariat is the pioneer of integrating athletic shoe technology into equestrian footwear. Ariat products are sold in a network of retail outlets throughout the world. For more information about Ariat products or for the Ariat retailer nearest you, contact Ariat at 800-899-8141 or visit