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Interactive Freestyle Riding to Music

English Riding Supply

‘Dressage Divas’ and ‘Perfect Ponies’ are brand new from Equitech Software Limited who specializes in 3-D Interactive Riding. All software is fully endorsed by the sport governing bodies and the CD-ROMs can be installed on and operated from a standard home PC computer.

As a ‘Dressage Diva’, you can create your own Freestyle Dressage Routine step-by-step using preloaded moves, save your routine in an extensive library, and print it off in hard-copy. Then, download your favorite music from wherever you like (hard drive, CD, internet, etc.), and use the sophisticated 8- channel music editor suite to customize it for each routine. The virtual horse can be altered to match your own horse, the music ‘stretched’ or ‘shrunk’ to perfectly match, and the transitions and their associated music changes pinpointed exactly. The final musical compilation can then be recorded onto a transportable CD and taken to a live competition venue for the rider to use for his or her performance. On screen, the virtual Schoolmaster performs the routine repeatedly and perfectly in a 3-D arena, which can be viewed from the rider’s, spectator’s or Judge’s view. All the pre-loaded moves are 100% mathematically accurate and as such are a fabulous training aid for both riders and instructors.

‘Perfect Ponies’ is easy to use, great fun, and is designed for young riders through the age of 13. The mouse is used as the virtual horse and to simulate riding aids! You can create unique routines and musical compositions, and when you are ready you can then enter your pony into the ‘Perfect Ponies Challenge’. Perform your routine and compete against your friends. At the end of your performance, you will get a Judge’s score out of a possible 30, and can print off your score sheet to keep.

Each CD retails for $49.95 and will make a perfect holiday gift!