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New Research Demonstrates Improved Mare Colostrum Quality Through Targeted Nutrition

Equine Resources International, LLC

New research conducted by Freedom Health, LLC shows that SUCCEED™ Digestive Conditioning Program™ has a positive effect on the immunoglobulin levels of a mare’s milk, or colostrum, when added to the diet 90 days prior to foaling. Immunoglobulins (IgG) play an important role in building a healthy immune system by binding to invading organisms and other foreign matter, thus protecting the body from infection.

The study found that mares on SUCCEED had a dramatic and statistically significant 97% increase in colostrum immunoglobulin levels compared with mares not receiving SUCCEED. The transfer of IgG via colostrum from the mare to the foal within the first 24 hours post foaling is critical for good foal immunity and early health. Research has shown that foals receiving quality colostrum - with high IgG levels - are more resistant to bacterial and disease challenges and gain weight better than foals fed lower-quality colostrum. Therefore, the ability to influence colostrum quality through the nutrition of the mare is extremely valuable for all breeders.

"This research suggests that colostrum quality levels can be significantly influenced by supplementing the mare’s diet with daily feedings of SUCCEED," said Scott Carter, Ph.D., Vice President of Research and Development at Freedom Health. "The resulting improved immunity in both mares and foals can have major short and long term benefits for both."

SUCCEED contains ingredients believed to help support the immune system, while fostering a digestive environment that is optimal for the horse’s overall health and condition. The influence of targeted nutrition on immunity and health is well known. By taking an approach that reduces the effects of digestive and immune system challenges from foaling and common management practices - such as stalling, intermittent feedings and grain diets - the mares experienced a high level of overall health. This allowed their immune systems to dedicate more resources to the production of quality colostrum.

"We’re very excited to see such a strong positive result from this study," said Patrick Warczak, Vice President - Marketing at Freedom Health. "This research helps to confirm what many breeders have noticed when they use SUCCEED - strong, healthy foals, and a healthier, more profitable breeding operation."

This study is part of Freedom Health’s ongoing research to scientifically document and confirm the results experienced by hundreds of horse owners, riders and trainers who use SUCCEED. A nutritional supplement that is specifically formulated to support the health of the equine digestive system, SUCCEED was built on the belief that healthy horses look better, act better and perform better.

For more information on SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program, including in-depth articles on digestive tract health and interactive presentations, visit Information may also be obtained by calling toll-free, 866-270-7939.

SUCCEED Digestive Conditioning Program is produced and distributed exclusively by Freedom Health, LLC of Aurora, Ohio. This company is focused on finding, perfecting and delivering superior, innovative products that address real and significant health-related issues for animals and the people who care for them.