Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack Review Staff

Spring has Sprung! The winter riding gear has finally been put away (hopefully for good) and now it’s time to enjoy the breezy sunshine. If you read our review of the Fun In The Saddle Wind Pro Winter Riding Breeches, you are well aware that these were a joy to ride in. We’ve even recommended FITS to consider making a pajama version out of that fabric! Our testers were just as impressed with the All Season Full Seat Breeches.

We’ll first start off in saying, if your tack shop does not carry these breeches, please have them contact Fun In The Saddle at 1-888-360-FITS as soon as possible. Once you try them on, you will know why. (Men, stop reading here; Women can continue) These breeches will hold in areas that need to be held, and flatter those areas that you think you want to hide. The two inch waistband is a perfect height, not a low hip hugger, and not so high that you feel like you are wearing a tube top! The waist band actually flattens and sculpts your tummy! Their Powernet 4-way stretch “ab” panel wraps from the left hip around the abdomen to the right hip giving you support as well as smooth, flattering lines.

Powernet is also featured in the inner calf area to alleviate bulk and heat build up inside your boots and providing close contact between your leg and your horse. No matter how long you wear them, they do not sag or pull. FITS breeches feature an athletic gusseted crotch that is leather free and has no center seam which eliminates the tendency for the breeches to pull down at the crotch or feel in any way binding.

We cannot go any further without noting the very thing FITS is known for - HOLES! No, we do not mean that your breeches will fall apart with holes in them, but the deerskin patches that separate FITS from any other breeches are the tiny holes in them. These tiny perforations create more surface resistance against the saddle and provide a better grip than flat leather or suede. The holes increase stretch, freedom of motion and better breathability of the leather.

The All Season Breeches are truly a breech for all seasons. Though we were lucky enough to have the Wind Pro Breeches for the frigid winter rides, during the warmer days, the All Season Breeches are still very comfortable. Our testers have ridden in temperatures ranging so far from 40 degrees to 75 degrees with no complaints. The fabric is both warming in cooler temperatures and wicking in warm. One tester commented that they enjoyed the Powernet fabric at the calf, with it’s thinner (yet strong) material, there was no struggling to get boots on and off.

In the saddle you can feel the difference of the breeches. The segmented panels of leather allow for a greater range of motion in the saddle, and the ability to stretch even deeper into the seat. One tester notes that the deerskin patches provider a softer feel in the saddle, as opposed to a sticky “grip” as she had felt in other full seat breeches in the past.

Care of FITS is simple as well, and they definitely hold the test of time. With 4 different testers riding in one pair of breeches, they were washed numerous times. As we recommend with all of our breeches, Leather Therapy was used on delicate cycle (no spin) and the breeches were hung to dry. Wash after wash, there was no pilling, no stretching and no fading of color. The breeches were like new each time and maintained the favorite fit with each wear.

Fun In The Saddle has successfully made a pair of breeches that are “4 hooves” in all aspects - fit, comfort, quality, durability and most important - flattering! Tell your friends and your tack shops, and visit Fun In The Saddle for your own pair!