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Fun In The Saddle Wind Pro Winter Breeches

Horse Tack Review Staff

“Fun” In the Saddle - that is something we all experience… at least, most of the time. Of course there are times were we have felt frustrated, discouraged, even confused. We may have given up a time, or two, or three. But no matter what, that feeling was brushed aside because the deepest feeling of all is the joy that ride gave you in the end. I have become a bit sidetracked in my thoughts, and I do apologize, but “Fun” In the Saddle is what I have been experiencing since riding in Wind Pro Breeches!

Luckily, the weather has been quite beautiful in western Pennsylvania this year. Now mid December, we are still enjoying 60 degree days and have been able to ride outdoors from time to time. We have had some cold days and evenings too, so I got lucky - it was time to test out the Fun In The Saddle (FITS) Wind Pro Full Seat Breeches.

From the moment I put on these breeches I knew I was going to enjoy riding in them. The comfort was immediate and they fit like a glove. The FITS Wind Pro fabric features plush fleece on the inside to comfort to your skin. Polartec protection offers warmth without adding bulk or weight. The outside fabric is water repellent and more wind resistant than traditional fleece. The two inch waistband is both comfortable and flattering. It sits slightly lower in the front of the breeches for comfort, higher in the back for coverage.

The most noticeable difference when you look at a pair of FITS full seat breeches is the breech design. The full seat features segmented leather, not a continuous patch seat. This allows for a greater range of motion in the saddle, and the rider the ability to stretch even deeper into the seat. The second difference to FITS breeches are the holes in the deerskin leather that make up the full seat panels. These tiny perforations allow the breeches to stretch, breathe and grip the saddle unlike other breeches.

As I stated before, the FITS Wind Pro winter breeches are extremely comfortable. The 4-way stretch of polyester and spandex provides superior support and flexibility. The inner fleece lining is both soft and warm, yet thin enough for wearing under your tall boots. The ankle is elastic and losing the bulk of a velcro closure adds to the comfort and the clean lines of these breeches.

The segmented leather panels are a definite winner for me. Another pair of full seat breeches that I used to ride in gave me a bit of a diaper feeling in the seat because the leather on them is too thick and “bunchy.” The FITS panels are smooth, and losing the leather in the crotch area provides for a smoother finish and more comfortable ride. You can feel yourself being able to sink deeper into the saddle, even somewhat lengthening your seat a bit too. (Maybe that’s just me with the loss of the diaper feeling!)

FITS breeches are machine washable too! Leather Therapy Laundry Solution has become all of our best friends - and if it hasn’t become yours - it should! The Wind Pro breeches are able to be washed in cold water on the delicate cycle but no spin cycle. Removed immediately from the wash to hang or lay flat to dry. The breeches washed very well without any pulls or pilling.

Not enough can be said about the FITS Wind Pro Winter Breeches. They top the list for comfort, quality, fit and warmth. We highly recommend them for cold weather riding.

Though we are enjoying the 60 degree December days right now, I am looking forward to colder days ahead so that I can enjoy my FITS Wind Pro Winter Breeches more and more. And if the warm days continue, I guess we’ll be testing out the FITS All Season Breech sooner!

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