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AQHA Affiliates form One Team and One Target

Press Release

February 2004 - "One Team, One Target" was the theme of the 6th American Quarter Horse Association Affiliate Management Workshop, February 6-8, and more than 200 guests attended in hopes of creating new ideas for state affiliates. From marketing trail rides to setting goals to increase membership, the three-day workshop was filled with learning and fun.

"I am pleased with the success of this year's workshop," said AQHA Executive Vice President Bill Brewer. "We are working toward our goal of marketing the American Quarter Horse on a local level through AQHA's partnership with affiliates."

The workshop agenda was built around Take AIMŪ, a concept developed a similar workshop four years ago with the objective of providing affiliate leaders with an educational experience that will enhance affiliate programs.

This was the first year AQHA awarded affiliates for following and accomplishing goals contained in their Take AIM plan. At the Friday night banquet, affiliates had the opportunity to be recognized in board self-assessment, youth, recreational riding, racing, shows, education and industry relations. Forty-four affiliates were awarded this year, and most were recognized for achievement in more than one category.

The Affiliate/AQHA partnership is the vehicle for promoting the American Quarter Horse at the grassroots level. Take AIM (Affiliates in Motion) was developed to facilitate the success of AQHA and AQHA Affiliates by identifying the end product or "model" by which to establish goals for each program.

"I thoroughly enjoyed the three days in Amarillo," said Sandy Arledge, workshop attendee from Rancho Santa Fe, California "We had a great meeting and I think everyone learned a lot."

With more than 200 attendees from the United States and Canada, AQHA representatives are certain this was the best workshop yet. Plans are already underway for next year's event!

For more information on AQHA Affiliates and a list of award winners, go to, send an e-mail or call (806) 376-4811.