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The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book

Linda Tellington-Jones with Bobbie Lieberman

Trafalgar Square Books is pleased to announce the publication of The Ultimate Horse Behavior and Training Book. At last, the definitive work of Linda Tellington-Jones, including everything you need to learn and practice the world-famous Tellington Method®! For 30 years, thousands of horses have demonstrated that the Tellington Method is a revolutionary way to change behavior, reduce stress, promote a relaxed attitude, and develop a successful partnership with your horse. Now, for the first time ever, readers are offered the complete collection of TTouch bodywork, Ground Exercises, and Ridden Work in one fabulously illustrated book.

With the Tellington Method, you’ll discover: aloof horses become responsive and interested in people; hard-to-catch horses come to you willingly; sour horses go forward and enjoy their work; fearful horses become trusting and tense horses relaxed; young horses learn to cooperate willingly and trust the rider; and much more. The book’s innovative design—in three, thoroughly cross-referenced parts—enables you to quickly target the information you need. Common behavior and training issues, from “Accident-prone” to “Weaving,” are easily pinpointed in the A to Z problem solver, and from there Tellington-Jones directs you to the colorful, easy-to-follow how-to section, filled with helpful tips and hundreds of step-by-step photographs. She also includes a special section on dealing with health emergencies, as well as a pictorial trailer-loading case study that follows along as a frightened colt is transformed into a dependable loader.

“This is a book destined to be on every horseperson’s bookshelf.” —John Lyons

LINDA TELLINGTON-JONES developed the Tellington Method three decades ago, and her work has been learned and practiced by horsemen of all ability levels and disciplines, all over the world. She is the author of 11 books, which have been printed in 12 languages, and she has released 18 video and DVD programs. When not on the road teaching clinics, Tellington-Jones lives with her husband Roland in Hawaii. BOBBIE LIEBERMAN is an award-winning writer and journalist, and former senior editor of EQUUS and editor and publisher of Modern Horse Breeding. She lives in southern California.

344 pp ∙ 8 ½ x 11 ∙ 364 color photos, 81 color illustrations ∙ 1 57076 320 5 ∙ $29.95 paperback

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