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Julie Goodnight Releases Three New DVDs in Principles of Riding Series

Horse Training

Horse trainer and clinician Julie Goodnight (of Poncha Springs, Colorado) releases three new DVD installments in her Goodnight’s Principles of Riding series: Volume 3—Perfect Practice: Exercises to Improve Your Riding at the Walk, Trot, Canter (peach cover); Volume 4: Canter with Confidence (red cover); and Volume 5: Refinement and Collection (orange cover).

Filmed at her Colorado ranch, Goodnight’s DVDs expand on her earlier installments, Volume 1: Balance & Rhythm on the Horse and Volume 2: Communication & Control from the Saddle. In Volume 3, Goodnight leads riders through fun exercises taught on the ground, while mounted standing still, then gradually perfected at the walk, trot and later, the canter. No matter what your riding ability, you'll find Julie's advice practical and her lessons engaging—keeping you active as you test your coordination, gain rhythm and enjoy learning with your equine and equestrian friends.

In Volume 4, Canter with Confidence, Goodnight explains the gait's footfalls and how your body impacts your horse as you cue for a canter, select a lead, and feel when to ask for a lead change. She also guides you through valuable troubleshooting tips and teaches you to train your horse for the best canter ever.

Volume 5, Refinement and Collection, helps riders bring all their new learning together for perfect horsemanship. You’ll refine your position and cues and to become an elite, refined rider. Goodnight clearly demonstrates how to ride while conducting your horse's every step. You'll learn how to engage your horse's mind and body as you apply subtle-yet-effective leg and rein cues. Your precise riding will help you collect your horse into a perfect, athletic position.

The DVDs will premiere at the Equine Affaire in Massachusetts where Goodnight will host product giveaways each day in the Equissentials booth (#645) and have products for sale at the CHA booth (Young Building #1504). Look for redesigned covers for Volumes 1 and 2.

“I look forward to seeing you at Equine Affaire Nov 9-12,” Goodnight says. “I’ll be available to chat and sign autographs each day.”

Meet Goodnight at the Equissentials booth daily at 12:30 p.m. for great giveaways—including chances to win the new installments in Goodnight’s Principles of Riding: Volume 3: Perfect Practice—Exercises to Improve Your Riding at the Walk, Trot, Canter, Volume 4: Canter with Confidence and Volume 5: Refinement and Collection; elements from Julie’s Complete Rider Package including DVDs, halters, leads, hats, and Equissential custom riding pants. Be there on Sunday for your chance to win one free tuition for any 2007 Julie Goodnight horsemanship clinic!

The new DVDs are on sale now at and will ship in November, 2006. As a pre-release special, DVDs may be ordered for just $34.95 each, a savings of $5 on each individually purchased volume (regularly $39.95 each, plus shipping). Volumes 1-5 purchased as a complete set are on sale for $174.75—a savings of $25 off the usual price. Discounted prices are valid through October 31, 2006.

Goodnight has experience in many equestrian disciplines and with many horse breeds—ranging from dressage and jumping to racing, reining, colt-starting, and wilderness riding. Please contact or call 719-530-0531 to purchase or for more information.

Julie rides “Gracie” in the new installments of her DVD series.