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Horse Sheets

Horseware Ireland introduces the latest innovation—The Amigo Bug Buster. It’s infused with the Buzz-Blocker insect repellent, proven effective in human clothing against flies, mosquitoes, chiggers, midgies and ants. The repellent-infused Bug Buster is EPA approved and will remain effective through at least 25 washings. Unlike many conventional insect repellents, which have a strong odor and can be toxic, the Buzz Blocker is odorless, safe, and will not rub off on you or your horse. The Amigo Bug Buster has a built-in belly band for added protection as well as a removable neck cover.

Horseware Ireland announces its partnership with Greensboro, North Carolina-based BUZZ OFF Insect Shield, LLC. In a strategic partnership, the two companies plan to develop insect-repellent flysheets for horses and other insect-repellent equestrian products. This new line of insect repellent equine products will utilize the proprietary Buzz Off Insect Shield™ technology, and will be marketed under a new brand name, Buzz Blocker.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership for development of insect-repellent products for horses,” said Horseware Ireland’s Marketing Consultant, Kim Kulers. “The move of Buzz Off Insect Shield’s technology into horse products will be welcomed by the equestrian community, which is always looking for better solutions to insect problems.”

In 2003, Buzz Off Insect Shield, LLC, achieved U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)-registration of its apparel, which is the first-ever EPA-registered insect-repellent clothing. BUZZ OFF™ Insect Shield Insect Repellent Apparel, which is offered in partnership with companies like L. L. Bean, ExOfficio, and Orvis, has been a successful innovation in the apparel industry. In 2005, Buzz Off Insect Shield gained EPA registration of gear. Having accomplished the EPA gear registration, the company can broaden its range of insect-repellent product offerings beyond apparel.

“The partnership with Horseware will enable Buzz Off Insect Shield to make its products available for horses, which should make the horses and their owners both very happy,” said Richard Lane, president of Buzz Off Insect Shield, LLC. “It’s a natural growth area for our products. Horse owners will love the convenience and effectiveness of these products.”

The active ingredient used in the patent-pending BUZZ OFF Insect Shield™ process is permethrin, a man-made version of an insect repellent that occurs in certain chrysanthemums. The BUZZ OFF Insect Shield process binds the active ingredient to the fabric fibers of each item so that the insect-repelling effect lasts through numerous washings. The repellent quality is odorless and colorless.

Buzz Off Insect Shield, LLC

Buzz Off Insect Shield, LLC, is headquartered in Greensboro, N.C. BUZZ OFF™ Insect Shield Insect Repellent Apparel was registered by the U.S. EPA in July 2003, and has been offered by a select group of wholesale and retail partners since fall 2003. BUZZ OFF™ and BUZZ OFF Insect Shield™, and BUZZ BLOCKER™ are trademarks of Buzz Off Insect Shield, LLC. For more information about BUZZ OFF apparel visit

Amigo Bug Buster
Silver with Navy Binding
Sizes 66” – 84”
Suggested Retail USD $150