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Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook Is the Gift That Keeps On Giving

American Horse Council

This year, give your favorite horse owner the gift of a stress-free tax season with the American Horse Council’s 2006 Tax Handbook. This 1000-page guide for horse owners and breeders explains the Internal Revenue Code as it pertains to the U.S. horse industry.

Horse owners and breeders have invested a lot of time and money into their businesses. This effort should be protected through tax season. No one commercially involved with the horse industry can afford to be without this handbook.

“There is an old saying that in life there are only two things you can count on - death and taxes,” said Jay Hickey, President of the American Horse Council. “The Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook is the most comprehensive tax publication available.”

The 2006 Tax Handbook was written by Thomas A. Davis, Esq., who has been the American Horse Council’s tax counsel for over 25 years and is a nationally-recognized authority on equine tax laws. Davis received his Masters of Law in Taxation (LLM) from Georgetown University and later served as an attorney for the Internal Revenue Service.

Topics covered in the Handbook include: business versus hobby - including summaries of important court decisions; forms of doing business; sales, exchanges and involuntary conversions; tax planning; depreciation; record keeping and accounting rules; and much more.

The 2006 Horse Owners and Breeders Tax Handbook is available for $85.00, plus $4.50 shipping and handling. It is also a free benefit for certain levels of membership with the American Horse Council.

Order your copy today by visiting us online at Or you can contact the AHC Offices at 202-296-4031 and your order will be processed right over the phone between 9 a.m. and 5 p.m. eastern time. If you prefer to pay by check, send your UPS shipping address (no PO Boxes) and payment to:

American Horse Council
1616 H Street NW 7th Floor
Washington, DC 20006

As the national trade association representing the horse industry in Washington, D.C., the American Horse Council works daily to represent equine interests and investments. Organized in 1969, the AHC promotes and protects the industry by communicating with Congress, federal agencies, the media and the industry on behalf of all horse related interests each and every day.

The AHC is member supported by individuals and organizations representing virtually every facet of the horse world from owners, breeders, veterinarians, farriers, breed registries and horsemen's associations to horse shows, race tracks, rodeos, commercial suppliers and state horse councils.