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HEART Equine Ambulance Plans Hoedown for February 9, 2007

Phelps Media Group, Inc. International

The Humane Equine Aid and Rapid Transport (HEART) Equine Ambulance is a very personal cause for many of the top equestrians. There will be a fun packed, heel-stomping hoedown held at Palm Beach Polo Equestrian Club in the Special Events Pavilion to raise money for the equine ambulance. With everything from a mechanical bull Calcutta to square dancing, the HEART Hoedown will offer fun for the entire family.

The HEART Equine Ambulance became a nonprofit organization in 2000. It has been run by Jill Parsons and nurtured along by a dedicated group of equestrians. The ambulance is funded by generous donations and fundraising events. Sweely Holdings Inc. donated the new ambulance and truck. They also have given their time and farm to hold crucial fundraising events. Robin Sweely is the president, and the driving force of the organization.

“Our goal is to continue to raise funds to support operating expenses of the ambulance, improve and maintain our existing equipment as new technology becomes available, and expand our coverage to guarantee care can be provided at more equestrian events,” Sweely said. “We would like to see that an equine ambulance is a mandatory item at any showground or event.”

Fortunately it is a rare occurrence that horses are physically debilitated or die during show jumping competitions. Although accidents are few and far between, this loss strikes horrible fear in the equestrian community. Besides the obvious heartbreak to the riders, the public observing the incident is forever impacted by how the care of the horse is handled.

“There are countless reasons to have a horse ambulance at shows,” Sweely explained. “Most exhibitors are unaware that transport is available to them 24 hours. If a horse is sick in the night HEART will transport it to a clinic. The response time is usually under 30 minutes and can be life saving to competitors who travel commercially and do not have immediate help,” she added.

The veterinarians also benefit from the assistance of trained HEART staff in crisis situations. They aid in the rapid on-site response to accidents that may prevent any further injury to the horses.

Please join us to celebrate and support the HEART Equine Ambulance at the 2007 HEART Hoedown. It is a casual and fun event full of horse enthusiasts who believe in the necessity of protecting equine athletes.

Fast Facts - HEART Hoedown Presented by Outback Steakhouse

When: Friday, February 9, 2007 7:00PM - 11:00 PM

What: Fundraiser for the Humane Equine Aid and Rapid Transport (HEART) Equine Ambulance, with cocktails, dinner, country western music and dancing

Event Chair: Caroline Moran

Dress: "Hoedown Country Casual" Open seating tickets: $150/person Premium tables of eight with sponsor benefits: $2,500 - $5,000 each

The Cause: Humane Equine Aid and Rapid Transport (HEART) Equine Ambulance has a state-of-the-art equine ambulance that allows HEART to respond to emergencies at events throughout the United States. Currently HEART provides services to some of the nation's top equestrian events.

Contact for tickets and sponsorship information:
HEART Equine Ambulance
PO Box 2661
Bonita Springs, FL 34133
Trish Zorn at (540) 948-3007 or
Phelps Media Group at (561) 753-3389

HEART is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit and as such donations to HEART are tax-deductible as allowed by law. For more information about HEART see our website at

PHOTO CREDIT: HEART Ambulance in action. Photo courtesy of HEART.