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Julie Goodnight Announces Clinics for 2007

Horse Clinics

Internationally known horse and horsemanship trainer Julie Goodnight travels from California to Massachusetts during her 2007 teaching tour and horse expo season. Whether riding or auditing a multi-discipline clinic or attending Goodnight’s lectures and demonstrations, you’ll learn her kind and clear horsemanship techniques and have the tools to work with your horse at home.

"I love the opportunity to work with hundreds of different horse and rider teams each year and teaching them to ride better and have a more fulfilling relationship with the horse," Goodnight says.

Goodnight starts her tour with the Equine Affaire in Pomona, Calif. at the start of February where she is a featured clinician and popular speaker. In the next months, Goodnight travels to Idaho, throughout Colorado, Oregon, Wyoming, Wisconsin, Ohio, Massachusetts, and Florida. All of Goodnight’s riding clinics fill quickly so early registration is a must. Being a spectator at a clinic is an effective and affordable alternative to riding with lots of opportunity to observe, interact with other horse people, and ask questions.

Goodnight rounds out her year in Florida with appearances at the Certified Horsemanship Association International Conference, held September 20-23 in Orlando. All these events are open to the public. Contact Goodnight at (719) 530-0531, or visit for further information.

Please add the following to your events calendar:

Julie Goodnight 2007 Schedule as of 12/12/06
1-4 Equine Affaire, Pomona CA
16-18 Horse Affairs, Boise ID

9-11 National Youth Horse Leaders Symposium, Denver CO
23-25 NW Horse Expo, Albany OR

16-18 Central Wyoming College, Instructor Certification Clinic

5-6 Horsemanship Clinic, Calabasas CA
19-20 Fear Management Clinic, Boulder CO
26-27 Horsemanship Clinic, Wausau WI (tentative)

2-3 Horsemanship Clinic, Hartville OH
16-17 Horsemanship Clinic, Easthampton MA (tentative)
30-July 1st Horsemanship Clinic, Martha’s Vineyard MA

20-23 CHA International Conference, Orlando FL