Horse Tack Review

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Jenny Kappler for Phelps Media Group, Inc.

PROJUMP® has just added EXTRA stirrup pads to their long list of innovative designs. The EXTRA pad is wider than standard stirrup iron pads. It provides the best combination of comfort and traction, due to their ergonomic design with arched top and EXTRA surface area, as well as sure grip traction.

EXTRA stirrup pads provide the same Sure Grip Aerospace Aluminum traction in wet and dry conditions that originally made PROJUMP® popular with equestrians around the world. The patented ergonomic design is long lasting and will not cut your hands or damage tack and riding boots like other “cheese grater” designs. The EXTRA stirrup pads are lightweight and attractive and fit fillis and hinged stirrups.

PROJUMP® was formed in 2000 with the idea of using new technologies for the design, development, and manufacturing of equestrian products. They specialize in items made with state of the art materials and cutting edge design. PROJUMP® has a customer base of professional and amateurs throughout North America and Europe.

The premier item designed and distributed by PROJUMP® is a shock absorbing stirrup iron. The PROJUMP® stirrups are custom-made for each equestrian. The rider fills out a form with their personal information such as their height, weight, and the size of jumps usually competed over. Once the data is collected, a completely custom pair of PROJUMP® Stirrups is created.

Other PROJUMP® products of interest include Sure Grip Stirrup Pads made of Aerospace aluminum in two sizes (4 ¾ to 4 ½ large), (4 ½ to 4 ¼ small) and a portable Saddle and Tack Holder.

Although PROJUMP® products were originally tested and sold to hunter and jumper athletes, they are quickly becoming very popular in three-day eventing circles, as well as endurance. The PROJUMP® stirrups and pads are great for all riding disciplines.

EXTRA stirrup pads fit sizes 4 ½” to 4 ¾” and are offered at $43.95. They can be ordered online at or by calling 877-585-5867 or faxing 858-756-0866.

Photo Credit: EXTRA Stirrup Pads. Photo courtesy of PROJUMP®.