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Finding horses on your career path - book addresses equine job hunting

Rebecca Colnar

It's the rare parent of a horse-crazy teen who hasn't heard, "I want my career to be with horses." And it's a rare parent who hasn't tried to dissuade the teen from the equine career path. After all, there aren't many jobs with horses, right?

Well, wrong. There's a new, comprehensive, well-written book, 50 Careers With Horses - from Accountant to Wrangler by equine journalist and photographer Bonnie Kreitler, which takes an in-depth look at a variety of careers in the horse industry.

Whether you're a high-school student looking for that first job or an adult facing a mid-life crisis, Kreitler's study will help with some of the hard decisions if you think horses might bring career happiness.

Did you know that as a research scientist involved with horses, you might make $25,000 to $40,000 at entry level? Or if you want to be a trailer sales agent, you can contact the National Association of Trailer Manufacturers?

The book lists jobs by name and includes information on education, certification, experience, potential earnings, related jobs and advice on making contacts. And that's just in the last 40 pages.

It begins with an overview of the industry and continues through gaining experience, education options, getting hired and starting a business. Kreitler provides an extensive list of schools offering equine programs and degrees, as well as schools with intercollegiate horse show programs.

The chapter on gaining experience contains details on approaching professionals.

"Approach them with a simple but businesslike proposal," Kreitler advises. She suggests making your first sheet a resume, including your name, address and phone number, what school you attend, what year you're in, current horse experience and career goal.

"Your second page should contain two short paragraphs: One on "What I would like to learn" and one on "What I can contribute?" Kreitler says.

The section on career close-ups profiles people active in the industry, such as a farrier, veterinarian, riding instructor, insurance agent and manufacturer.

Helpful how-to parts include a sample resume and cover letter and a detailed chapter on starting a business.

The practical and valuable 200-page book is complemented by good back-and-white photos. It is available for $24.95, plus $4 postage, through Order Department, Breakthrough Publications, 310 N. highland Ave., Ossining, NY 10562.

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