Horse Tack Review

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Horse Treats

Likits has developed a great new way to show your horse or pony how much you care. The new Likit Treat Bar is a delicious treat that's shaped and packaged just like a bar of chocolate. Just break off a square whenever you want to give your horse a treat or reward.

The new Likit Treat Bar is not only tasty, but its pocket size and re-sealable packaging makes it especially convenient. Tote one around in your pocket, grooming box or saddle bag. Likit Treat Bars are super for a quick reward for everything from training sessions to catching your horse in the field or loading an apprehensive horse onto a trailer. The mouth-watering formula is also ideal for promoting saliva production when mouthing youngsters or before training.

Likit Treat Bars are available in apple, banana or carrot flavors, and are available at your local tack store. For more information on our Treat Bars or other Likit equine and K9 toys and treats, please visit us at

Likit Products is an innovative company that brings you equine and K9 toys and treats for enhanced environmental enrichment, such as the Boredom Breaker, Tongue Twister, and the K9 Wob Ball. Likits manufactures in conjunction with parent company Scotmin Nutrition Ltd, one of the UK's largest independent feed supplement producers. Scotmin Nutrition Ltd is a subsidiary of the Buccleuch Group, Scotland's leading rural specialist, providing unique products and services to farming and rural communities across the UK and overseas.

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