Horse Tack Review

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Horse Tack

An innovative new product that helps make happier horses is already drawing rave reviews from top professionals. The Original Bit Fit®, a patent-pending device, offers an easy way for horse owners to determine the proper size bit for their horses. While some horses have custom saddles, proper leg protection, and a great nutrition program, many horses are still faced with performing in a bit that is too small or too large for their mouths. The Original Bit Fit® eliminates the guesswork and ensures proper bit fit, resulting in a more comfortable horse—no more wasted training fees!

“Many horse owners spend a lot of money on training and sports medicine therapies, only to overlook a critical element to their horse’s performance and happiness,” explains Kim Newell, Partner at Bit Fit, Inc. “From our own experience as horse owners and from talking to numerous veterinarians and trainers, we realized that many horses are being trained and worked in bits that do not fit. The Original Bit Fit® makes selecting the proper bit for your horse quick and easy.”

An improperly fitted bit can cause many problems—head tossing, bit chomping, leaning against the hand, backing-up, bolting, bucking, high headedness, tightness in the poll, lack of lateral suppleness and more. What often appears as a training problem or minor evasion may be an ill-fitting bit. “Not every horse wears a five-inch bit,” continues Newell. “The Original Bit Fit® helps you get it right every time.”

Newell developed The Original Bit Fit® after the frustrating and expensive search for the correct sized bit for her daughter’s dressage horse. “Dressage bits come in a dizzying array of sizes,” remembers Newell. “This is great, except that we had no way to determine which was the correct size. We tried everything you can imagine—string, wooden dowels—but nothing worked.” This revelation led to the development of The Original Bit Fit®. Newell asked the experts, including veterinarians, equine dentists, and custom bit manufacturers, for their help. The result is an easy-to use device that allows for accurate measurement of the horse’s mouth.

The Original Bit® Fit is a molded, textured plastic measuring tool that can be placed in the horse’s mouth. Simply turn the round adjustment knob and you can quickly determine, in either inches or centimeters, your horse’s mouth size. Made from high quality, non-toxic plastic, the textured mouthpiece encourages the horse to relax his jaw, making the job quick and simple. The Original Bit Fit® is made in the U.S.A.

Top equestrian professionals are already lauding the product with high praise. United States Dressage Federation Gold Medalist Mari Monda Zdunic, United States Pony Club Chief Judge Stormy May, and Dale Myler of Myler Bits have all recommended The Original Bit Fit® to their colleagues, students and customers. “We are very pleased with the initial response,” says Newell. “It’s a brand new product, but the feedback has been positively overwhelming.”

The Original Bit Fit® is ideal for all types of riders, whether they have just one horse or a full stable, and is useful for both professionals and amateurs. Continues Newell, “Several trainers have told us that they are using the product because it makes them look like they are geniuses. A horse comes to them as a head tosser or refusing to go forward and the trainer can quickly assess if a change of bits is in order. For some horses that immediate relief is enough to see an instantaneous improvement under saddle.”

The Original Bit Fit® is available throughout North America and is quickly catching on in Europe as well. “Many of the European bits are manufactured in a wide variety of sizes,” explains Newell. “They truly understand the difference a few millimeters can make.” The Original Bit Fit® website, is a resource for horse owners with information about proper bit fit, equine mouth anatomy, the importance of equine dentistry and more. Those interested in becoming dealers can call 1-888-8BITFIT to receive the dealer information packet.

About The Original Bit Fit® Inc.

Headquartered in Saranac, Michigan, The Original Bit Fit® aims to create happier horses and riders. Manufactured in the U.S.A. from the highest quality plastic, The Original Bit Fit® is the only equine mouth measurement tool of its kind.