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Horse Supplements

The benefits of garlic, including its antiviral, antifungal and antibacterial properties, have been recognized for years. Equilite Inc. is the first to combine this natural immune booster with Vitamin C and herbs to create a remarkably effective product that enhances nutritional health and well-being — Garli+C™. The makers of Sore No More™, long known as leaders in natural horse health care, have blended Vitamin C, Chinese Herbs, Astragulus, Schisandra and a touch of Zinc with cold pressed, odor modified garlic in one great product that is easy to feed and palatable to horses.

“Our goal was to create a unique, powerful blend that would serve as a superior all-around animal health supplement,” says Stacey Small, CEO of Equilite Inc. “The results with Garli+C™ have been impressive. Customers always reorder it.” To ensure that Equilite’s Garli+C™ and Equilite’s Fly Away Garlic™ have maximum effect, each is made from cold-processed garlic. Allicin, the active component in garlic, is heat sensitive and cold processing is essential to retaining its integrity and effectiveness.

Garli+C™ is ideal for immune and respiratory support on a year-round basis or during times of stress, such as prior to shipping, showing, high levels of exercise or while being treated for skin fungus. And as if that were not enough, Garli+C™ is a wonderful fly deterrent. “Garlic has been used historically to ward off insects,” Small states. “Garli+C™ is a staple for the summer during insect and show season.”

Another Equilite garlic product, Fly Away Garlic™, is now available in a new 2.5 lb. size. Made from the same high quality, cold-processed, odor-modified garlic found in Garli+C™, Fly Away Garlic™ is simply pure garlic and is great for bug season. Also available in 5 and 10 lb. sizes.

For more information on Equilite’s complete product line, including flower essences, supplements, Sore No More™ liniments, and more visit or call 1-800-942-5483.

About Equilite Inc.

Headquartered in Pottstown, PA, Equilite Inc. is the creator of all-natural botanical products for animals. Equilite is best known for its award-winning Sore-No-More™ Arnica-based herbal liniment line. Equilite’s product line also includes herbal supplements, and the Botanical Animal™ Flower Essence line for both small and large animals. For additional information on Equilite or its products please visit